Mind Blowing : Tea Seller Gives SmartPhone To 5 Year Old Daughter and Celebrates With Band Baja , Know Special Reason Why

Tea seller buys smartphone for daughter

Tea seller celebrates and dances with band baja after giving a smart phone as a gift to daughter . But the surprising thing is that the daughter is only 5 years old .

In this age of technology and social media , smartphone and iphones are getting way more importance than they should . Everybody wants an iPhone today , people are not even satisfied with smart phones. Having iPhone and gadgets like it are considered a symbol of status today .

Earlier the one who had a lot of land was getting attention from everyone, and was considered wealthy and rich . Now the time is so bad that the one having iPhone is considered rich , the one having Apple watch is considered wealthy and the one having Apple smartwatch on which you can play childish games gets all the attention.

Even poor people like tea seller who hardly even afford to pay 10000 rs in school or college buys a smartphone of 12000 and branded shoes of 15000 , people like them should be beaten on their face with their shoes only .

The Reason Poor People like tea seller remain poor is this only , they do not invest their money , they save it and then spend it on things which they don’t even need.

Why the hell would a 5 year old need a smartphone, is she going to do video call with her boyfriend. Then what is the necessity of spending so much money on things you don’t need or things that you can buy on 1/10 of the price but still paying 10 times just so that it looks good in front of other people.

I am not saying that you should not buy smartphones or not spend money , you definitely should but if you are wealthy or rich , not when you are poor tea seller , you don’t spend money on smartphones when you don’t have money for your quality education.

The occasion saw people dancing to drum beats and the girl seated on a decorated horse carriage. Murari Kushwaha claimed that it was his families first smartphone, bought at a cost of Rs 12,500, PTI reported.

A video of the celebration, held on Monday night, went viral on social media. It was a good thing that they celebrated buying the phone if they have bought it for the whole family but if it was buyed only for the use of his 5 year old daughter, then it was a complete waste of money .

In the video, the girl and her siblings were seen sitting on the horse carriage decked up with lights, with a song being played on a loudspeaker and people dancing in a procession.

It is a very nice thing that the tea seller is enjoying the moment so much .


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