Did you know? Nora Fatehi shockingly almost lost her feet shooting for ‘Dance Meri Rani’?

Nora Fatehi got in accident

Ruling the internet with her astounding dance moves and stellar looks, Nora Fatehi is winning hearts for her latest song ‘Dance Meri Rani’.

Nora Fatehi is one of the most talented actress of the country . No other actress even come close to her when it comes to dance . She is incredible, all the videos in which she dance , she gets a large number of views . Her song before this which is kusu kusu has also got a lot of views.

While the performers is garnering praises from all quarters, her vlog shares untold secrets from the sets of the song, revealing an instance where she almost lost her feet during the shoot.

Slipping into a mermaid suit for the song, Nora Fatehi beautifully embodies the aesthetics of the fantasy creature, however, the process wasn’t as pretty as it looks on screen.

Made of silicon and latex, the costume was extremely heavy and confined, making it impossible to move, hence the actress was being moved from one place to another on a stretcher by the team.

In addition, since the shot was being filmed in water, the costume absorbing the liquid added to the weight. Due to the heavy costume and added weight of the water, when lifted from one place to another Nora’s fishtail was bent, causing unbearable pain to the actress.

Nora brokedown crying on the set which promoted the team about the ordeal, which saved the actress’ feet. Nora Fatehi’s vlog on YouTube documents her struggle as she opens up about the incident.

Despite all the struggles and difficulties, Nora continues to deliver successful projects one after another owing to her passion.

Nora Fatehi also got a lot of appreciation for her hardwork and dedication which she put in kusu kusu song . She was very stunning in the song and viewers could not move their eyes from her . She was very easily doing the dance steps and was doing even better than the background girls.

Her song before that which was Naach meri Rani is also very hit and her performances which she gives on dance reality show are worth watching. She brings a lot of trp in such shows and she has a very fun loving, easy going personality which makes her very attractive and likeable on the show .

Nora Fatehi fans are waiting for a movie in which she will be the lead actress and entertain people with her glorious stage presence.


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