Hilarious Bloopers From Alia Bhatt no 1 Body double Shared From Ads with Ranbir Kapoor, Don’t Watch In Front Of Parents :

Alia's body double shares bloopers.

Alia Bhatt’s Body double has shared some Bloopers Video on Social media from ads of alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor and siddhanth chaturvedi. These Bloopers are going viral on the internet and are showing how much fun alia is to work with.Body double of alia bhatt goes by the name @alternate_alia on Instagram .

alia bhatt along with her colleagues

The videos are from advertisement of several top brands . Her body double often shares behind the scenes videos , but this time the fun and enjoyment in the videos are on another level . Her body double also has a lot of followers on instagram.

Alia Bhatt has shown her versatile acting performance in various movies like Raazi, Highway , Gully Boy and etc . Her acting skills are again and again appreciated by even her costars like Anushka Sharma.

She gets trolled on the internet for answering some gk questions wrong but there is no doubt in the fact that with her work she has proven that she is one of the best actresses of Bollywood if not the best .

Alia Bhatt’s body double was working with alia and Ranbir on the sets of Flipkart ad and they were also a part of Netflix ad , manyavar, make my trip ad , samsung, phone pe . Ranbir and alia’s chemistry and romance can be seen easily . They are super comfortable with each other. Ranbir even said in an interview that he thinks alia is very talented and next to her he feels like an underachiever .

They both have performed together in ads a few times ago . They are going to be in a film together in brahmastra and their fans are eagerly waiting for that movie . Alia was recently seen in the movie RRR . Which seems like a blockbuster movie with energetic and enthusiastic performance from 2 south Indian stars .

Ajay Devgan is also having a small role in the movie . Actually it is a good strategy of the director to have alia and Ajay in the movie so that they can attract the Hindi speaking audience from them to watch the movie.

One of the south actors of the film said that he was too shy to talk to alia on the set because she is too beautiful. She said that both the south actors in the films had amazing chemistry and they used to tease and make fun of each other continuously and had an extremely strong bond .

Ranbir and alia film brahmastra is expected to release soon in the theaters , fans are excited for the movie and are expecting a fantastic performance from alia as well as Ranbir .

Several video of alia and Ranbir are there on the internet and the people in the comment section are asking them to get married already .


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