No 1 Optical Illusion Has Made People Crazy On The Internet , Find Curve Challenge :

Optical illusion gone viral

Sharing an Image that has multiple green lines forming small boxes on granite background, the challenge given to people was to find the curved line .This Optical Illusion is going viral.

Magic and optical illusion are very interesting and can surprise the mind by a large degree and if done with perfection, can be mind blowing.

The Speciality of Optical Illusion and puzzles are that they confuse the people, have them hooked , make them think and wonder . Sometimes they even give up when not being able to find the answer but they still motivate themselves and try to solve the riddle.

this is the image of the optical illusion.

To perform such magic and to do optical illusion one must perfect the art . One should have done a detailed practice and should work hard on the performance other vise people will know what you are doing and you will not be able to surprise them.

A Similar Optical Illusion is going Viral on the internet in which is winning people appreciation and is also putting people in confusion as they are not able to solve it . The Point is that the riddle is hard and the hardness of the riddle is what keeping the people hooked to it .

This Optical Illusion is shared by laurel coons , a genomic researcher , it is an image of what it looks like a textured granite block with multiple green lines. This thin lines divide the block into several tiny boxes .

Ms Coons asks the Twitter followers to watch the curved lines and the warning is that with passing glance every line can be seen but with focus when you try to see a line you cannot see any .

This is the twitter post -

One of the users who tried to answer said that there are only straight lines but the background texture is making them think that there are curved lines .

Which is true maybe because if you see at the background there is a light coloured curve which earlier looked like curve lines but who knows what is the truth .Below the tweet another person has shared the riddle in which she is asking are the horizontal lines parallel or do they have slope.

Some Puzzles like optical illusion are also very interesting and can have a great time for the viewer to solve it . Let’s hope you are able to solve this puzzle and have a great time solving it.


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