Transgender People will be Recruited 1st Time as Special Reserve Sub Inspector In Karnataka compulsorily , Know Why :

Transgender People getting jobs in police

By chaitanya jain
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Transgender People will be Recruited 1st Time as  Special Reserve Sub Inspector In Karnataka compulsorily , Know Why :


As an Initiative for Gender Equality the Karnataka Police has for the first time inviting people from transgender community to post of 'Special Reserve Sub Inspector '.

Transgender People are those people in India who do not get a lot of opportunity we might say that we care about them but the reality is that even if they come in front of us most of us will try to avoid them .

In our society a movie which is Excellent was made by the one of the greatest actor of this time 'Ayushyaman Khurana ' . This movie was completely based on the story a transgender person in love with a heterosexual male .


But inspite of the movie being great with great actors like ayushyaman and an awesome trailer , people did not came to the theaters on the first day only. This shows that the majority of people are not interested in the lives and problems of transgender People.

So To Promote Gender Equality an Outstanding Initiative has been taken by Karnataka Police which is happening for the first time in our country . The notification for Karnataka State Police Requirement said " Men , woman and Transgender " including " in-service of residual and kalyana karnataka (local) -2021 -2022 can apply to fill 70 posts .

Applicant must be graduate or equivalent from UGC recognised university and will have to get a certificate from the district magistrate about their gender status without which the application will not be entertained.


Nisha Gullur of sangam is an NGO ( Non Governmental Organization) told news agency PTI that she had moved the Karnataka High court with a plea to allow transgender to secure government jobs .

We moved to court in June 2020 and the judgement came in our favour this year . It is a welcome decision that the Karnataka Police is going to hire us "Ms Gullur " said .

According to her there are over a lakh transgender across Karnataka of which about 13000 are affiliated to her organization. Ms Gullur said that the next challenge will be to create friendly and nice environment for transgender people to work.

This is a great way of creating friendly environment and equal opportunities for these people . This will show that in india we are not addicted to our thinking of looking at trans people as if they are inferior to us and are someone whom we should avoid . This will also be a proud thing for india as other countries will look at India as a role model where transgender people are not getting jobs in police department.

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