Shamefully Long Hair of Boys of 9th and 10th std were Cut By The Principal Because he was Bald and Was Jealous of Boys with Long Hair :

Principal cuts students hair.

In Maharashtra city palghar, Principal of a school did not want their students to have long hair . Said this is against the rules and regulations of the school.

Hair are the Body part of a person . Every person has the right to either keep them long or short as per their wish . No one should force other person to cut this part of the other person and keep it short . This is because having long hair is a personal choice and it doesn’t trouble and hurt the other people around in any way and why are boys only asked to cut them .

Why do students have to live according to the expectations society has from them and if woman have the right to wear short clothes whenever and wherever they want don’t boys also have this right to atleast have long hair if they want.

There is no logical reason to ask boys to have this part of their body short . Whether they look good or they look bad is their business, their right and their choice what has this to do with other people. Why should schools force their students to have the body part of boys according to their choice .

And even after this if the schools are fixed that they don’t want boys to have long hair . It is ok they can ask them to have short hair but they have not right to forcefully cut their hair without their consent and permission. It is Wrong and a punishable offence .

Speaking to Reporters about the incident the parents were outraged and offended that this was done to their child without their permission or the child’s permission.

Teacher’s said they gave warnings to several students but after they did not followed it they decided to take things in their own hands and do the work . This is like taking the law in our own hand . This is clearly a very strong offence and should be taken seriously.

Is this not racism that boys are given such harsh punishment always . Girls are not even shouted on , beating them by teachers almost never happens . Even if they do a mistake they are either not criticised or even if they are criticised that is done very politely.

But when a boy does a mistake there is no mercy in the heart of the teacher . The teachers shout on the boy with anger , insults him ,humiliates him in front of the class , will even ask the boy to stand outside the class for the whole period , the boy will be beaten ruthlessly in front of the whole class of so many students and this time the punishment level has skyrocketed by cutting the hair of the boys without their permission.

Is doing this right , don’t boys like girls have feelings. It is not being said that girls should be punished more or boys should also be punished just the way girls are punished . But boys should also be shown compassion.


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