I feel proud to represent a blend of African cultures, Afro dance and African beauty in ‘Dance Meri Rani’: Nora Fatehi!

Nora Fatehi’s latest song video titled ‘Dance Meri Rani’ with Punjabi music composer, singer, and songwriter Guru Randhawa was released on Tuesday, 21 December. Ahead of the song release, a behind-the-scenes video that the dancing sensation shared on her Instagram account has gone viral. 

Creating a sensation with every move and every project, Nora Fatehi has earned the title of Bollywood’s ultimate diva owing to her impeccable fashion choices alongwith her astounding talent. Presenting unconventional, beautiful and fierce looks at par with the global trends by international pop icons, Nora has time and again elevated the standards of aesthetic visuals in Indian content.

Hailing from North Africa, Nora Fatehi has presented a blend of diverse cultures and styles of different parts of Africa in her latest release. Alongwith popular authentic Afro dance moves hailing from countries like Nigeria, Sengal, Ghana, Nora has also paid attention to getting the look right as she dons ash blonde/light brown curly hair for one of the looks in the song.

Revealing the inspiration for the look, Nora Fatehi shares “Growing up, I was surrounded by beautiful African women, be it my family members, my friends, my mother, who were blessed with beautiful curly Afro like hair. I was always in awe of the variety of beauty we have in Africa from different shades of skintones to different textures of hair. And I’ve always wanted to celebrate that as an artist. For years I’ve seen international artists beautifully represent a
African hair styles, fashion and dance in various content across the globe. The African in me always wanted to celebrate Afro beauty and afro dance a big scale through my art! With Dance Meri Rani I knew this was my chance to do just that!”

Talking about the stunning, fierce look Nora Fatehi shares, “My looks in the song are a blend of African elements from the diamonte head peace that gives an Egyptian touch, to the dance moves that stay true to Afro dance styles that come from different parts of Africa and are widely popular amongst the dancers globally, to the beautiful curly hair, that was both a new look for my audience and a form of representation and celebration! My mother and my sister both have beautiful curly hair, infact my mom growing up was famous for her honey brown curly Afro, which prompted me to put together the look for ‘Dance Meri Rani’. As an artist I always look forward to present something new and interesting to my audience, so when I saw an opportunity to offer a cross-cultural amalgamation, celebrating the ethnicities of both the regions,and representing the different standards of beauty I made sure I took it. I feel really proud to be celebrating African beauty in all different forms, in one single look. Dance meri Rani is a visual treat packed with energetic Afro dance mixed with African beauty on Afro music performed by an African girl (myself) I feel proud! India culture is widely celebrated globally, being a Morroccan, I’ve seen it first hand in Africa, so I thought why not celebrate African culture in India as well.”

Emerging as an international icon, Nora Fatehi enjoys a huge fanbase across the globe, inspiring innumerable people all around the world. With her fierce choices and strong stances, Nora has been setting precedents, elevating the bars of content in India.


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