In Gay Couples Wedding 1st Time in Telangana Shocking Thing Happened That Made Their Photos Viral , Know What Happened :

Gay couples wedding photo went viral

In Hyderabad in a gay couple wedding , the happiness on the faces of the couple can be seen . Both of them were fully in love. Their photos are getting viral and are getting a lot of love and congratulations from social media .

India has been independent from more than 70 years now and this is the first time that a gay couple is getting married in a big state like Telangana. Can you imagine that this is the first wedding of gay couple which they are able to openly celebrate in front of everyone in the state. This shows how much restriction and opposition gay people have in our country .

Even words like “Chakka ” are used as a gali ( bad word ) and straight people are teased as gay when they are too close to someone of a similar gender . This shows how much low we think about these people.

No parents want their child to be gay , this is another proof that we don’t view this community people as our equal. But this time people have became open minded and a gay couple had their wedding for the first time in Telangana and no one opposed them but in reality they were supported even more than we support heterosexual couples.

This was a dream wedding for them as well as a ray of happiness for other people of this community .Supriyo chakraborty and Abhay Dang’s dreamy wedding happened in Telangana. Thier adorable and heartwarming photos have touched the hearts of lakhs of people on social media .

Social Media users sent their best wishes and blessings for the lovely couple and wished them to stay together with happiness for lifetime.The Couple has been in an 8 year old relationship and has now officially became husband and husband . The ceremony was officiated by a transwoman Sophia David .

These are their photos on social media

People commented ” Happiest to see the change and acceptance “, another user said ” Made my day ,much love to you two “. This is a good step for the gay community and also for our country. Our country will become an example for other countries where gay marriages are not allowed or not accepted.

Recently other than this we have one more good news that transgender people in Karnataka will be reqruited in the police as an inspector . This happened when an NGO went in court and then the Karnataka police accepted their rights . Now their aim is to have a friendly environment for working of transgender people.


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