Shocking : Journalist Asks 1 Uncomfortable Question To Actress Sai Pallavi , Her Response Will Surprise You :

Sai Pallavi calls out journalist

Actor Sai Pallavi is a very talented actress and is one of the best artists, she is working on the promotion of her Telagu film Shyam Sinha Roy .

Many actresses and actors are busy in promotion of their films right now . As after a long time of almost 2 years of the corona period in which there were lockdown and people had to follow social distancing, people were forced to stay in the house . They were not even allowed to go to office, they had to do work from home. Obviously in this time theaters and cinema was stopped .

People were desperately waiting to see films in the theaters and now as the theaters have reopened a lot of films have started releasing and for such films to get great response from people and in order to complete the marketing of the film all the lead actors go and do promotion of their films.In one of such promotion something unexpected happened which is very unbelievable.

During the promotion of a movie and the press conference, Journalist aims to asks questions which are out of the box , which are unique which are personal , which are controversial , so that the answers to the question they have asked will get the largest TRP.

And having more trp is beneficial for the film as it’s promotion will be seen by a lot of people as well as it is beneficial for the journalists as they get TRP.

But the problem is that such questions can be unethical to ask, they can be too much of a personal question to ask to a celebrity . It can spoil the vibe of the press conference and it can also offend the celebrity and can even make them uncomfortable.

Recently a similar thing happened where an uncomfortable question was asked to Nani and Kriti Shetty who are the cast of a telagu film.Directed by Rahul Sankrityan , Shyam Sinha Roy features Nani in dual role. In the film Nani and Kriti had a kissing scene which is shown in the trailer .

The Journalist ask who was uncomfortable and who was not uncomfortable during the kissing scene .Sai Pallavi interfered and called her out on the inappropriate question as the answer of which was insulting to either of them and she felt that such questions should not have been asked.

She said I think the question is inappropriate . It is after they have discussed the scene , got comfortable with each other and did it for the sake of the story . So obviously they did it after they were comfortable with each other. When the journalists continued to ask if there were more romantic scenes in the movie .

She said you are again asking the same question. Nani said ,” Once we decide to do anything for the sake of the story As professional actors we bring out the best from the scene”.


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