Unbelievable : Jaya Bachchan Shouts In The Parliament Warns : Your Bad Days Will Come :

Jaya Bachchan Shouts in parliament

Jaya Bachchan the actor turned politician is in the parliament who works very hard . She belongs to the Samajwadi party and was having her speech in the parliament.Jaya Bachchan who is the famous actress who worked in Shole , is Amitabh Bachchan’s wife almost had a fight or a conflict at the place.

Jaya even accused the speaker of not giving opportunities to the opposition. She is known for being very vocal , confident and determined in her work .

This is the tweet posted on this topic https://twitter.com/etimes/status/1473131237657112576?t=ECxf7tDdErv-FkUci6stfQ&s=19

She is always able to articulate what she is thinking in the right way.Jaya did not pull punches most of which were targeted at the treachery bench .

When she was speaking suddenly a lot of MP protested . She lost her anger , She said “Aapke Bure din aayenge “. All of this happened after an MP did personal remarks on her. The chair expunged her remarks . This happened when she was doing a discussion on narcotic drugs.

She said ,”We want justice we don’t expect it from the treachery benches but can we expect it from you . How are you protecting the members of this house or the 12 members sitting outside ? How are you protecting them , she said this while addressing the chair Bhuvaneshwar kalitha.

While she was speaking members from around protested which was not taken well by the politician . She felt this is disrespectful, should not have been done . She exploded and said to the treachery benches ” What is going on ? This is Terrible ” Aap logo ke bure din aayenge ” .

According to her this was the way of not allowing her to speak and taking away her right to speak her opinion. She thinks that strict action must be taken against those who did this and after this time no one should oppose in such an unethical and irresponsible way and take away the right of any person.

When the chairman pointed out that she was not interested in the bill and all this time she is not speaking on the bill , she said ,” It is my turn to speak ,we have given four hours to discuss a clinical error.

Jaya Bachchan is also doing a film in which her role is not the serious and intense type of which she usually do her role is comical . This is a surprise as she is not the person one expects to do roles that are funny and have to tell jokes .

The film which she is doing is of Karan johar and she once in a press conference jokingly said that Karan took her for the role as he could not get the dates of Johnny lever.


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