Exclusive: Code Name Abdul: Khatera Hakimi talks about how Tanishaa Mukerji was the perfect choice for the film and also spoke about the negative remarks the film has received

Yet another spy thriller, Code Name Abdul has been released. Tanishaa Mukerji is making her comeback with the film directed by Eshwar Gunturu. The film revolves around the mission given to RAW. The film features Ashok Chaudhary, Khatera Hakimi, Sumend Wankhede, and Anshuman Sharma.

We Khetra Hakimi for an exclusive conversation, who revealed the major insights and his experience working with the entire crew. Khatera is playing the role of Mehek in the film.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

1 You have been part of regional cinema and now you are working in Bollywood, So do you find any difference?

I think as an actor, I don’t look at it that way. I think to be able to play a character in a film is a blessing itself. So, whether it’s regional cinema, Bollywood, Chinese, french cinema I think my job is to portray what the director has envisioned and do justice to that part. I think some of the smaller differences could be produced and also working with a superstar perhaps, I think there’s not much difference for me as an actor except for having a bigger set and more production value. Other than that I could do a short film, a regional film or Bollywood, to me, it’s all the same.

2 In the reviews of Code Name Abdul people are calling out to the actors for their mediocre acting, what would you like to say about that?

I think people will always have their own opinions about any film, any actor or their performance. I feel that everyone in this film has done a phenomenal job. I think everyone has a right to express their opinion about how they feel. It’s quite alright. I have read some great reviews and they’ve said really good things about everyone. There’s always a bunch of people with mixed opinions, someone who liked it and someone who didn’t. Personally, I feel like any kind of criticism is good criticism but if someone thinks I’ve done a mediocre job then I’ll do it better next time.

3 Do you think Tanishaa Mukerji was the right choice of director?

I haven’t personally seen any of Tanishaa’s films to really judge her as an actor but, when I met her on the set of Code Name Abdul and interacted with her behind the scenes and in front of the camera, I think Eshwar made a perfect choice. She leads the film really well and has a beautiful screen presence. I think she brought out the mysterious part of the character quite nicely and smoothly. I think she was the perfect choice for Code Name Abdul.


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