Ram Charan SAYS TO Alia Bhatt that ,”I was Shy to talk because you are so Beautiful ” as she Complaints that he ignored her :

Ram Charan think Alia Bhatt is very Beautiful

Alia Bhatt is considered to be the Best Actress of this Generation, even though she gets hate for giving some wrong general knowledge questions, there is no doubt that she has given powerful performances in movies like highway and Raazi , but from time to time again she has shown her versatile acting skills.

Recently she was doing the press conference of RRR where this happened.At RRR’s event today in Hyderabad, Alia Bhatt shared she was ignored by Ram Charan and he hardly spoke to her on sets.

Replying to this, Charan said, “I was feeling shy because you are so beautiful.” Alia further spilled the beans on how Ram Charan and Jr NTR are totally different but always on the same note, “They only pull each other’s leg.”

Later alia bhatt showed her sense of humour and continued, “They were teasing each other and I realised their bond is so special that they were not interested that I was there and they only wanted to talk to each other.

But finally when we shot the song, I said, “I’m not understanding anything what you guys are talking, could you please translate and Ram Charan sir did for me but Tarak still didn’t.”

Both Ram Charan and Jr NTR burst into laughter. In all Alia and Ram Charan entertained throughout the conference, specially alia as she showed her vulnerability and she was very cute according to the viewers.

Not only this but NTR also sung a song as a tribute to a great person . The song was Gelaya Gelaya.Meanwhile, sharing her experience of being a part of Telugu film, Alia Bhatt said, “I don’t want to restrict myself only to Bollywood movies.

Only a director has to decide about my role in a film. Director’s vision is important. I am ready to act. It was a nice experience acting in RRR and the film’s team took good care of me. I was touched to see the love of fans. I would like to act in more south Indian movies.”


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