Bhushan Kumar’s much awaited track with Badshah and Payal Dev, featuring Abhishek Singh and seerat Kapoor is out now !

Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series stars Badshah and Payal Dev on vocals and features Abhishek Singh and Seerat Kapoor. It is written by Melo D and directed by B2Together. Bhushan Kumar has always been at the forefront of entertainment. The T-Series chief has now collaborated with the talented Badshah for a lively and foot tapping party number, titled slowly And the song promises to be at the top of all the music charts.

The video, shot extensively in the city of Hyderabad, features Badshah himself along with Abhishek Singh and Seerat Kapoor, both of whom are talented personalities in their own right. Adding another icing on the cake for music lovers, the song also features Payal Dev in vocals and is penned by Melo D. From a catchy tune to a peppy soundtrack and Badshah’s iconic style, the song releasing today has all the makings of a track that will go down in history with luxurious cars and styling that is unique to each and every actor. Speaking on the peppy track, Bhushan Kumar says, “Slow Slow ticks all the boxes to become a chart buster. It could not have been a better decision to join hands with Badshah for this track. His music work speaks for itself. While there is also Abhishek and Seerat, T. Payal Dev has also played their roles, they have also done a wonderful job on singing.”

Ongoing slowly It was definitely the icing on the cake just before New Year’s Eve and for party season. Speaking on the song, Badshah says “slowly It was a blast to shoot. The styling of the video was perfect and when we heard about the short song by Bhushan ji who is a music and film master, I was so excited to make it! Payal on vocals and Abhishek and Seerat in the video were just icing on the cake.”

“Singing with Badshah and that too for a T-Series production was the highlight for me. Slow Slow is a song that will instantly pop into your mind and when I saw the final cut, I knew that B2Together did peppy Has done full justice to the numbers.” Payal Dev says

Abhishek Singh, who starred in the video, said, “When I was approached for this song I knew I had to be in it. Who wouldn’t want to be seen in the iconic Badshah song produced by Bhushan Kumar sir? Seerat and I immediately followed it. Clicked on the sets and I hope my fans and music lovers enjoy our track.” Adding to this, Seerat Kapoor says, “It is every actor’s dream to collaborate with the best and I was given that opportunity. Bhushan Kumarji, Badshah, Abhishek Singh and Payal Dev – that’s a winning combo and slow the audience down.” Can’t wait to see the reaction of the fans.”

Watch the upbeat track on T-Series’ YouTube channel right now.


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