A garden named after climate Warrior Bhumi Pednekar!

Climate Warrior’ Bhumi Pednekar who is known for environment protection initiatives has developed a sustainable garden with her mother at her home and she feels that sustainable farming should be taught to children in schools as a subject.

“Today, I wish I had learned more about growing and farming in school. We have no understanding of how to nurture and grow plants, grains, and crops. It’s taken me a lot of reading and studying of something that should be knowledge received at a lower education level,” the ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’ actor said.The environmentally conscious citizen has taken up climate conservation as a cause to raise awareness among fellow Indians through her online and offline initiative called ‘Climate Warrior’ through which she is mobilising citizens to contribute towards protecting the environment.On World Soil Day yesterday, the kids at the ashram planted 15 saplings inside the Ashram and named the track of land ‘Bhumi Garden’ to thank her for her efforts in not only protecting them but also for her relentless work towards climate conservation as a Climate Warrior. Check out the heartwarming video posted by Abhyudaya Ashram here : (LINK). Thanking the kids and the Ashram authorities, Bhumi wrote on her social media, “On World Soil Day, my Abhyudaya Ashram family planted sapling and named it ;The Bhumi Garden’. Am so overwhelmed. Everything we’ve been teaching the children there about the planet and it’s future, they are implementing it. Thank you”.

The young Bollywood star has always been a socially conscious citizen and she had started a much-lauded pan India advocacy campaign – Climate Warrior, to raise awareness on Environmental Conservation and Climate Change. Climate Warrior is a concerted social media initiative that Bhumi spearheads to highlight the incredible work done by tireless environmental activists and citizen groups across India. She uses her highly engaged social media following to voice concerns about the rapidly changing climatic conditions in the nation. Bhumi is requesting people to look as sustainable living as the only way forward to preserve the planet.

Bhumi says, “If we all want to be centred, grounded, patient, we have to form a connection with Mother Earth. I’m blessed that my parents named me Bhumi aka earth aka soil. So, I guess they preempted that I would grow up to do my bit for the nature that nourishes us in every way possible.”

She adds, “We are in a reality where we can’t ignore the fact that if we are sustainable, we can save lives and on World Soil Day, I would nudge everyone to do their bit to learn, educate and practice the art of sustainability. It will save our planet. We’ve seen the worst happening globally from forest fires, hail storms, cyclones, floods, droughts in the recent past. If we still do not understand the importance of course correction, we are soon going to reach a point of no return.”

Bhumi has become a bigger champion of sustainability ever since she built her terrace garden that now produces fruits and vegetables for the Pednekar family.

She says, “Though I had always felt a deep bond with causes related to nature and environment, I think my connection to what I believe in grew stronger when I decided to have a sustainable garden at my home. My mother and I spoke about it at length and we decided that sustainability is the way forward for the Pednekar family. The process of building the right soil that nourishes us today with so many fruits and vegetables made me realise that I must talk about this to everyone and try and urge people to also look at sustainability as the way forward.”


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