Shocking : Kangana abuses Twitter CEO by saying ," Bye Chacha Jack" after He Resigns :

Kangana Ranaut says" bye Chacha Jack" to Twitter CEO.

By chaitanya jain
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Shocking : Kangana abuses  Twitter CEO by saying ," Bye Chacha Jack" after He Resigns :


Kangana was Permanently banned from Twitter so now she is happy that the ceo and founder of the company Jack has resigned from his post .

Anupam Kher is one of the celebrities of India who is a very strong nationalist . His love for our Nation has been seen many times , earlier he expressed his dissapointment to Apple company when Apple had a watch dedicated to most of the countries where they sell their products but not had dedicated a watch to india even though india is one of the largest consumer of apple products.

This Time Anupam Kher has expressed his Joy and Excitement on the news that the ceo of Twitter is going to be an Indian named Parag Aggarwal .


He twitted on the site that how much happy he is because of this and has captioned the post by saying ," Apna Hindustani Bhai Twitter ka Ceo ban gaya , Kuch bhi ho sakta hai ".

Kangana on the other hand is interested in mocking the earlier the company CEO jack Dorsey. Kangana account was banned because of repeated breaking of rules and spreading hate and voilence and also abusive behaviour.

Her sisters account was banned even before her , because she did no work other than saying bad words to people.

Also read this post in which it is sown why the ceo has resigned and why has an Indian named Parag Aggarwal been given the post of CEO-

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