Sukhmani Sadana
Exclusive: “I would have Loved to Play Role in Made in Heaven,” Sukhmani Sadana Reveals her Dream-role; Read More

Sukhmani Sadana Exclusive Interview: “I would have Loved to Play 1 of Role in Made in Heaven,” Read More

With her unforgettable appearances in many successful OTT series and shows like Sacred Games, Tandav, Parchhayee and Love Bytes Sukhmani Sadana will now be featuring in a pivotal role.

Sukhmani Sadana reveals how she grabbed role in her upcoming Hotstar specials, ‘Dil Bekaraar.’

With her unforgettable appearances in many successful OTT series and shows like Sacred Games, Tandav, Parchhayee and Love Bytes Sukhmani Sadana will now be featuring in a pivotal role.

Dil Bekaraar will be streaming on Disney+Hotstar from November 26 while it also features Akshay Oberoi, Sahher Bambba, Anjali Anand, Raj Babbar, Padmini Kolhapure & Poonam Dhillon.

In an exclusive interview with Sukhmani Sadana to promote the series, she expelled her favorites and her views on today’s content. Read Here:

1. What was the unique factor that convinced you for ‘Dil Bekarar’?

I love reading books, and one of my favourite books has been Those Pricey Thakur Girls. I read the book a few years back, and I was in splits. During that time, I thought someone should adapt the same on screen. And what are the odds that I get a call, after a few years, saying that they are adapting the book?! And want me to play one of the sisters. I was thrilled to get the opportunity and had arrived in my head.

It happened so that I was offered my favourite character in the book. I went for several auditions for the role. It was one roller coaster ride of being locked and not locked. Many things happened in between that I do not want to get in right now. But it was destined for me to be a part of the show. I can’t be more excited about it right now.

2. As a writer what are those three things that one needs to keep in mind while spinning a story?

In today’s time, it is important to have a story that the audience can relate to. The young generation is looking for material that it can resonate with and understand what the character is going through in the show. The audience should feel like – yes, I have been through that, or I know someone going through the same. So, relatability is very important. Second, as a writer, it is pivotal to have an objective – what is it that you are trying to say, what is the message behind the story or if there is no message, be aware of the same.

The audience is very happy to believe in the world that you have created. You must have full faith and confidence in it and its rules. For instance, everyone buys Harry Potter because those are the rules created by the author. Third, I do not believe much in the star cast or big names. Today you are as good as your story. And I have always believed that. I am so glad the world also feels the same now. If you have a great story, your chances of not making it big are low. The audience is very smart. The patience level is less, and they are well informed, well-read, so give something new.

3. Today’s content, in your experience, is it gaining the deserved response globally and locally?

Absolutely! Today the content that is being created worldwide is getting the deserved appreciation or criticism. I think it is a very fair game going on in the digital world. Gone are days when someone could say the project was good, but it did not get eyeballs. Every platform is accessible to everyone across the world. One can watch it, judge it, and rank it. I think we should be grateful for such a time where whatever we are making, putting our soul, spirit, and blood, is getting high footfall.

The TRP can be really high if you have done a good job and, at the same time, if you have made a bad project, you can be criticized as well because many people are watching your project from across the world – metro, village or a city. I think we have arrived at the place where we are really getting the recognition that we deserve.

4. If u have to steal one web series or film or role from the past, what would it be?

There are so many! There are such brilliant actors out there it is unbelievable. I don’t see that as a competition, but there is so much to learn from these fabulous and brilliant young talents. I cannot really pick a name, but for the sake of answering, I would say Sobhita Dhulipala’s character from Made in Heaven. I would have loved to play her part, and she did a great job. I think it was cool, bold, and progressive. It was the kind of woman that I relate with.

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