Jay Bhanushali the strongest contender as per Twitterati!

Time and again, Jay Bhanushali has been told to get active with his game in Bigg Boss 15. This time once again host Salman Khan showed him the mirror in the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15.
Salman started his conversation with Jay while stating that he is a ‘khaali ghada’. He questioned the latter about his game and said that he is not taking the right stand and is not up with his game. “Jay Bhanushali ki bas awaaz hai, mudda koi nahi hai,” he said.
Jay tried to clarify his point and share what exactly has made him take a backfoot in the game and show. However, the host was firm on his point. He went on to say that his absence in the house and show won’t affect anything be it the situations and the equations. “Aapke hone na hone se kuch nahi badlega (Nothing will change because of your presence or absence),” he said.
Salman further schooled Jay on his game and told him that he is not being seen. He added that he needs to get on the right track to contribute to the show. He stated, “Ye dikh raha h ki Jay ke hone na hone se kisi ko koi fark nahi padta.”

Bigg Boss 15 has been getting mixed reactions from loyalists across India but truth be told it is a show that keeps us glued to the television every night & also witness some far wars in the social media world.

Last Weekend Ka Vaar was quite an explosive one after which dynamics surely will change in the house for the better. Host Salman Khan gave a pep talk to Jay to show his real self in the house & also went on record to say that Jay could completely win hearts if he played upfrontly. Looks like Jay took the word & so have the fans & his popularity rose doubled overnight.

While Tejasswi & Karan receive flak for pretending to be in a relationship inside the house, other inmates are called out too for their unnecessary aggression. Jay’s game has been underrated but with this poll it is evident that audience are interested to see a clean game than being fooled..

In a popularity poll held by a famous media channel, Jay got the highest votes as the strongest contender in comparison to Pratik, Karan & Umar. Jay hasn’t played dirty & for the first time it is that Indian audiences have acknowledged it.
Only time will tell as this house is unpredictable.


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