Jay Bhanushali decodes karan Kundrra’s Game , questions why the latter is mostly the Shanchalak in Tasks ?

Bigg Boss 15 had a turbulent week, TRP ratings of the controversial show dipped massively. Although makers and contestants are doing so much for the audience but still viewers seems least interested. Meanwhile, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra’s love is still blossoming in the house and seeing the latest video, fans are having a laugh riot seeing Jay Bhanushali observing the two from a corner.

In the latest episode, the makers unveiled the VIP zone, contestants who will be part of it will be considered for this year’s winner. The task to become the VIP member witnessed so many fights and arguments. In a shocking turn of events, Afsana Khan was asked to leave the house, after she tried hurting herself and other housemates.

Bigg Boss is a game that requires participants to prove themselves worthy of staying in the house at every single minute. Not only are the contestants required to give their 100% in physical tasks but also to turn the game to their advantage with careful planning. And Jay Bhanushali seems to be doing just that. Jay is currently the only player in the Bigg Boss house who is playing solo. And while making alliances is as important as anything in the house, Jay is sticking to his stand of wanting to only make genuine connections and not be pretentious.

And in a recent, very intriguing conversation with co-contestant Simba Nagpal, Jay was heard discussing Karan Kundrra and his game. Spilling the beans on how Karan is having it easy in the house in terms of tasks, Jay pointed out how the former has seldom played solo tasks and whenever he has, it has always brought forward his extremely aggressive side. Jay also went on to question how Karan is always the sanchalak for a majority of the tasks and whenever he does end up playing, he ends up getting extremely physical. Simba, agreeing to Jay’s statements, also highlighted how Karan’s aggression reaches its peak during tasks.

Watch the Video Below:

Jay has never shied away from calling a spade a spade. In fact, he has also never backed down from calling out his friends when they have been wrong, which has landed him in hot water more than often. But his funda remains constant – “Jo Galat Hai Woh Galat Hai.” Jay Bhanushali clearly sticks to his principles.


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