Why did Aayush Sharma didn’t want Salman Khan to perform in Antim? Read to know:-

Aayush Sharma didnt want Salman Khan to work with him in Antim because of the trolls and people would call it nepotism so in order to avoid it.

Aayush Sharma will soon be seen in Antim along with Salman Khan and Mahima Makwani which is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Nepotism in the industry has been prevailing since ages it’s not the thing that only uprooted at the time of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

Aayush Sharma revealed that he was a bit worried the reason behind him getting anxious was he didn’t want people to state it nepotism. As Salman and Aayush were working on the same ground. Talking about the roles Salman Khan is playing the role of an police officer and Aayush Sharma is playing the character of a gangster.

In one of the interviews Aayush said,“(At) the beginning of the process of making this film, I was anxious about the fact that he is in the film. There are going to be multiple notions about it including the fact that we are a family, he is making this film to help me in my career and also to spark another conversation on nepotism. Initially, I was against the idea of Salman bhai being a part of Antim. I didn’t want him to do the film and I told him that. In fact, I went to all the people in the family to convince him not to do it. It was also because I was doing something completely different from LoveYatri and also the other thing was with his presence, whether I’d be able to do justice to the film and match up to his hysteria.”

Salman Khan was all set to perform in the film and Salman told me, ‘Aayush you need to figure out how you do justice to your character and which is all that matters. You need to convince people why you raised your hand on me in the film.’ Aayush said It was a challenging task for me and I was a bit worried about his presence in the film. I remember when we announced the film,it led to trollings and people saud that they don’t want me in thd film they clearly said it loud and clear and their words were, ‘We don’t want Aayush in the film.’ When I told him, he said there are hardly 5000 tweets and if they don’t see the film, it won’t matter.”

In the due course Aayush further said that he also had asked his wife Arpita to not let Salman Khan do the film stop him from doing it prevent him to work on the film keeping in mind the nepotisms he gonna face. But Salman didn’t step back.

Salman also appreciated Aayush’s transformation. Praising Aayush’s Transformation Salman said “I was shocked.There’s been a huge transformation from Loveyatri to Antim. He has worked so hard in the film. His work will be appreciated.”For the unversed Aayush made his debut film with Loveyatri. Its happened for the first time in the industry that Salman and Aayush have shared one screen and worked on the same project.The flim is slated to release on 26 of November.


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