Exclusive: Vicky Arora, Anuj Rampal, and Alisha Chopra talks about Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar and Raj Kaushal

Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar team Vicky Arora, Anuj Rampal, and Alisha Chopra talks about their recent released. 

Raj Kaushal’s last invention Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar is getting all the love from the audience. The star cast of the show Vicky Arora, Anuj Rampal, Swati Semwal, Mohan Agashe, Shishir Sharma, Manish Chaudhary are at the top of the world as they are getting immense responses from the viewers. India has loved India’s first fake bank scam. 
We exclusively had a conversation with the star cast of Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar. We talked with Vicky Arora, Anuj Rampal, and Alisha Chopra. 

Here are the insides from the conversation. 

I would like to know a bit about your respective roles.
Vicky Arora: 
Basically, the name of my character is Bharghav Sharma, and Talking about this character he is furious, practical in life, responsible, and sweet.  When I have explained the story I was just given the one-liner that Bharghav Sharma is the Chanakya of the story. So he is the strategist of the story. He has an idea and believes in the idea he also shares the idea with his childhood friend and that’s how the story begins.

Anuj Rampal: 
My character’s name is Siddharth Rastogi.
In this universe, he is a guy who is extremely fun-loving a bit carefree. He is a confident sweet, smart guy very contrasting to Bharghav in a way that Bharghav is very serious and of course, he has his own co-works and stuff but I and Bharghav are very contrasting and still, we really jell in together. Sometimes opposites really work for each other so that’s how our friendship is. Since Childhood, we are extremely strong so Bharghav keeps me in check and I sometimes help Bharghav in whatever way I can. So that’s how we two work together and then of course I am joined by the love of my life Riya. We three take this plan together, we take this plan ahead to all the different people who will help us make the best plan in getting this scam through.

Alisha Chopra
I am playing the character of Rhea Tandon and as said by Sidharth you know Sidharth’s my boyfriend and Bharghav is my childhood friend. Riya is a very loving girl. She’s a very understanding girl and very supportive. She is someone who you know people will find a family figure in people will find comfort. She is a kind of glue to everyone. She tries to keep people in control, she has her rights and wrongs very set out in her head.

So as this series is a satirical concept so why do you think the fake bank scam angle was used to make this one?
This is an actual story that had happened in India but of course, it is a fictional one so this was an idea that was picked up by the writer itself that real-life event inspired our fictional story for him and that’s how it was one of a kind where two people just got up and thought that let’s make a fake bank and people trusted them and put their money in which is very interesting. We all listen to bank scams over the phone’s like people are calling you and telling you like invest here but actually, physically it will ruin you and I think it was a fabulous idea that was taken up.

Anuj Rampal:
Also, I really feel everybody in their mind has a wish to have a better life even though they have an, everyone wants to aspire to a great life a good life especially in these times where we constantly see people on social media doing apparently better than us. So we always want to have a better life good life so in that time if someone usually thinks to quickly earn more money and have a life of his dream it’s inside every human being but they cannot enact that and it will really connect so a lot of people have that dream inside that we can earn easily more money in less time.

We have seen many Bank scams previously so what can the viewers expect from this one?
You should witness this because I think they have still not made this type of bank scam yet, and it is not made because it gets bigger and bigger from here and rest what people can expect out of the ceilings is that it would be a lot of fun lot of laughter and lot of hits. You are sitting at the corner of your bed almost going to fall you would see a  lot of drama lot of friendships, a lot of crying, a lot of love.

This remarks the last project of Raj Kaushal. What’s your take?
The specialty of Raj Sir is more than a director I think he was a good friend of ours a good mentor. He knew how to let the other person feel special. We always felt special because he would put so much trust in us.


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