Netizens Appreciate Marvel’s Take On ‘Beef Politics’ In India, Read More To Find Out The Rather Hilarious Turn Of Events.

Marvel’s latest release ‘Shang Chi and The Lengend of The Ten Rings’ hit theaters worldwide on September 2 this year. The movie was also dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and various other languages to cater to the rich language diversity of the Indian Audiences. However, after more than a month of it’s release, netizens have found a hilariously thoughtful gesture from MCU in it’s dubbed versions of Indian languages.

Beef or cow meat is not a common choice of meat in India as majority of people practicing Hinduism across the country belives the cow to be sacred and consuming its meat is out of question for them. Beef has also been a pretty intense topic if discussion in Indian politics.

To avoid hurting religious sentiments of the people or to avoid any upsetting political situation Marvel chose to change the dialogue in one of the scenes. The scene in question here is when Shang Chi and his friend Katy are on a flight to China to find Shang Chi’s sisters. As the scene progresses, the flight attendent asks them for their in flight meal options and this is where Marvel played smart.

Original scene from Shang Chi

Though the original English version of the movie had Beef as their original meal option, the Indian dubbed versions refrained from Beef and diverted to a variety of Indian versions of meal options. For example, the Hindi dubbed version of the movie asked Shang Chi and Katy to choose between non-Veg and Veg meal. The Malayalam dubbing presented Bread Omelet and Vegetarian as a meal option to choose from. Similarly Tamil Telugu and Kannada dubbed versions of the film had Veg Biryani, Paneer, and Upma as their in flight meal options.

Though this kind gesture from Marvel won the hearts of Indian options, Marvel was still presented with a lot of feedbacks to include Vadapav for Marathi version, Kachori for Rajasthan, and Khaman for Gujarat.

Needless to say, Indians are quite serious when it comes to food. Which Indian dishes would you suggest Marvel to include in their next film. Do let us know in the comments below.


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