Jai Bheem Movie is in Big trouble. Vanniyar Sangam demands 5 crores for damages, know more:

Jai Bheem movie in trouble because of vanniyar Sangam.

Jai Bheem is a top rated film which is going very hit and the cast of the film lead by Suriya has done a very good job after a long time or maybe the first time a regional film is going this much hit . But the Vanniyar Sangam has problems with it.

But this film has definitely offended the Vanniyar Sangam and the Sangam doesn’t look like ready to give forgiveness.Vanniyar Sangam State President has issued a notice to actor Suriya and director TJ Gnanavel demanding an unconditional apology and deletion of certain scenes.

The legal notice asks makers to “cease and desist from making or publishing any false, malicious and defamatory remarks against (the Vanniyar) community and its people.” As per Vanniyar Sangam, while the film is based on real events, the character of the policeman who tortures Rajakannu has been deliberately depicted as belonging to the Vanniyar caste.

Our client states that you have retained the real names of the real characters in the real incident in the movie … But deliberately you have changed the name of the sub-inspector. In the real story, the sub-inspector who is involved in the custodial death of the undertrial was called Anthonysamy, who was Christian by religion”.

Suriya said beautiful and wise words in response to this ,Suriya said, “Through the film, questions have been raised against those in power, it should not be turned into name-politics and diluted.

The core concept of Jai Bhim is how, in a case argued by the retired Justice Chandru, a legal struggle was waged against the authorities to help establish justice. We have also attempted to talk about the problems that indigenous people face in their everyday lives.

“Neither my team, nor I have ever harboured any intention at any point in time to insult any individual or community as mentioned by you in your letter. I hope you are aware that corrections were carried out as soon as some people pointed out mistakes. I think you will remember that we have rectified even the small flaw pointed out by a few people”. What are your thoughts on this.


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