Anushka Sharma shared which post and what is it about? Read to know:-

Anushka Sharma shares grief quote on social media platform and shares Hussain Manawer's ideology.

Anushka Sharma who is an proficient actress and Virat Kohli’s wife has been always posting some or the other things on her social media platforms. Fans are always overwhelmed by the moments she shares on her instagram she usually shares cute pictures of her daughter Vamika and her family which amazes the fans and the viewers.

The friends from the bollywood industry also pour love comments in the comment section. From which Ranveer Singh often comments on the posts. Rather than momental photos and videos she often shares quotes and thoughts on her social media.

Recently she shared a posts which was related to grief and heartbreak which will leave you awestruck and you’ll feel it and relate to it.Last night Anushka Sharma in one of the instagram stories shared a posts that was all about the pains and sufferings and the situations of heartbreak’s went through.

Describing more about the quote it was of a poet named Hussain Manawer who taught people how to deal with the sufferings and griefs he told it should be taught to the child from school itself. Anushka shared the posts of the same which words read “ To everyone dealing with grief I wish you so well man This really should be a subject in school, to help prepare us for the ultimate level of heartbreak It’s actually insane it’s not, considering it’s something everyone is going to go through at numerous stages of life.”

Talking about Anushka’s outing she was last seen outdoors at the airport when she was returning from UAE along with Virat and Vamika after T20 World Cup. In one of the recent interviews with Grazia Magazine Anushka had talked about her journey of being a mother and the issues and changes which she faced or dealt with.Talking about it she said “My body is not the same as it used to be. It is not as toned as it was earlier. I am working towards it because I like to be fit. But I am so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was before, even when I had that ‘perfect body’. However, I’ve realised that it’s just a state of mind and has nothing to do with how you look.”


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