Whom Did Malvika Raaj Praise and said ‘That really touched me’Read to know:-

Malvika Raaj remembers her days of Kabhi Khushi kabhi gham and reveals the struggles she faced while shooting squad.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie is not an movie but an emotion and do you remember Malvika Raaj from it? who played the role of young Kareena. She is making her debut in Squad movie which will be premiered on Zee 5. In one of the interviews she opens up about the struggles of working in covid times and the casting process she also remembered the precious moments which she spent with Shah Rukh Khan from the movie of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Malvika reveals that she got carried away when she began modelling she said “I had so much fun in the fashion industry, on the runway, that I totally got carried away. When I got offered Squad, I was definitely excited but when I was told it is an action film, I took it up as a challenge because that is something I have never done before. My training as an actor has always been on, ever since K3G, with my acting classes, dance classes, diction training. But action is something that was new for me.”

Talking on how she was casted a friend of mine suugested me Malvika’s name for Squad said Director Nilesh Sahay further she said “Nilesh and I have a common family friend. While he was searching for an actress for his film, she recommended my name to him, so he saw my pictures on social media, he called my dad, he did a meeting. I even auditioned for the part and I got it.”

During the pandemic on how did Malvika manage to perform the shootings of the film Squad she said “We went to Belarus twice. The first time we went, it was before coronavirus struck and the second time we went was when the virus was raging. In fact, I had just recovered and we had to leave for the shoot. It was literally 20 days and I was out. I was a little more relaxed because I knew I was travelling with antibodies.”

Talking about the precautions taken during pandemic Malvika says ‘full sanitising process’ every 20 minutes. “It was difficult to shoot during the pandemic because a lot of time also gets wasted doing all this. Other than that, my experience in the same city twice was totally different. Because the second time we went, there was not only a pandemic but also political unrest in the country. There were riots and all that would happen every now and then. It was a challenging process but I also believe that having such challenges makes your journey more interesting, you have so many more stories to tell and memories.”

Malvika said that it was all decided that Squad will have a theatrical release that is the main reason behind it has huge canvas stating it she said “It’s an action film, the experience in the theatres will be totally different. The pandemic just messed up the whole situation but I am happy it’s releasing on OTT, Zee5 has a huge reach and audience. The more eyeballs our film gets, it’s better.”

There were also speculations that why Malvika will not do film with Emraan Hashmi.
The project was discontinued later. Addressing about it she said “Of course it gets disappointing. That’s something that we trained a lot for. I was playing a Pakistani girl, so I had a proper dialect course of Urdu, how to speak, how to write. We even shot for a week for that film but then, there were some permission issues because of which we could not continue the film. It was sad but it’s a part of life. As an actor, you will go through this a lot in life.”

Malvika is still remembered for her acting skills in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham reffering to its journey she said “I was so young at the time, I didn’t realise how amazing the experience was to share screen space with actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amitabh Bachchan. I just took it like, ‘Okay, I am a part of this,’ and that is because they made me feel like that. Being grounded and so humble, that is one thing I have learnt on the sets of K3G that I will always keep with me. They had a very positive attitude that nobody is small on set, everyone is equal.”

Praising Shah Rukh Khan Malvika she said “I remember once we were all sitting for lunch on set and Shah Rukh sir was sitting there too. I came in and he actually left his food and got up to meet me. That really touched me and I still remember that till today. People generally don’t do that and Shah Rukh sir, being Shah Rukh sir, he is just so amazing and humble.”

Squad movie marks the debut of Rinzing Denzongpa, the movie is premiering on Zee 5 on 12 of November.


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