Friends are family is passé, in the new teaser of Hiccups & Hookups, it’s all about being friends with your family!

Its a story which revolves around family and friends and the communication gap which they face with one another.

In a world so chaotic most of us find it so difficult to share our real lives with our parents/ siblings. Solitude is a way of being as most of us avoid talking about the matters of our hearts with our families. As we hide our relationships good or bad from our loved ones, the teaser of Hiccups and Hookups is a breath of fresh air. Featuring a family who are redefining what families should talk about is every shade of new for the audience.

Having grown up in Indian families where every pertinent discussion is off topic, Lionsgate Play’s brand-new show, which kicks off their slate with Hiccups and Hookups, invites us to relook at our own equations. We refrain from discussing everything important and everything playing on our mind because as a society we’ve been tutored into believing that discussions around sex and love are not dinner-table conversations. The platform and this show busts just that myth.

Depicting a family that doesn’t follow the usual pattern of a normal family, we go through the lives of three people at different points of their lives. While there is a tendency to call families like the Rao’s dysfunctional, director Kunal Kohli says it’s important to emphasise that families are of all kinds, much like relationships. He explains, “We have these ideas of perfect families and norms like these are discussions to avoid with parents. Here’s a series about modern day relationships and how layered & complicated they are. The series showcases family members who talk about everything under the sun – from breakfasts to sexual encounters. I would call it an honest depiction of a modern-day family and frankly, a lot of modern day families are capable of hosting honest discussions about the most intimate details of their lives.”

Vasudha played by the wonderful Lara Dutta, Prateik Babbar who plays Akhil and Shinnova who plays Lara’s daughter in the show make a sensational trio who will change the depiction of how families behave and act in the comfort of their homes.

Hiccups and Hookups directed by Kunal Kohli will stream on Lionsgate Play from November 26.


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