ARMYs Send Message Of Hope and Positivity as BTS’ RM Suffers A Mental Breakdown, check out the details here.

On Thursday night at around 9 PM BTS’ leader and lead rapper RM shared a moment on his Weaverse to let his fans know that he has been through the worst day of the year today and how he is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

RM shared that while cleaning a file on his computer he ended up accidentaly deleting an important file that had over an year worth of his hard work in it. If you’ve ever deleted an important file we are sure you would relate to RM on a personal level. Sharing the incident with his fans also known as ARMYs RM wrote, “I did (PC) cleaning wrong today. So the file I was working on, all the audios got deleted. Just mental breakdown in itself. Still, I tried having strength. I was almost done with it. I am sure this is the worst day of this year. I’m going to record it as a ‘moment’ since I’m sad.”

BTS’ ARMYs couldn’t see their leader being sad and anxious. In no time they flooded their social media accounts with positive messages to console RM. While some fans worried about some bop tracks being permanently deleted others called out HYBE’s IT department for help, nonetheless everyone tried to help make RM feel better. A fan even cracked a joke asking for South Korean police to help restore the file as this was a national emergency.

Check out some of the heartfelt and hilarious reactions here!

Seeing the fans getting anxious over the news, RM shared another moment to assure them and calm them down. “Oh I thought you guys would worry. It’s just one song. The other songs were safely kept by others but this had over 60 tracks that I recorded so I don’t have the courage to re-do everything… Still, I’ll let you guys hear it one day. Everyone, be careful when using a cleaning program…”

BTS and ARMYs have been with each other through thick and thin and this one incident was another example of the pure love and admiration that the group and their fans share. On the work front, BTS has a packed couple of months ahead with a line up of their first in-person concert ever since the pandemic. BTS will also be attending various award shows both in both Korea and US. ARMYs are also expecting a comeback announcement soon.


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