Jai Bhim breaks all records of Shawshank Redemption in terms of Ranking, becomes Highest-Rated IMDb Movie

Here's all the reasons why did Jai Bhim break all the records and has become highest in terms of Ranking.

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Jai Bhim is a Tamil Film and the story itself will reflect you to think upon the segments of the society. The content in the movie is based on broad thinking capacity of the individuals. Suriya has become a nations sensation due to the acting skills and the story.

Talking about the audience they also loved watching it and have appreciated the story as well. The movie is not an movie but an emotion which brought several segments of the societal issues together. When we talk in terms of Ranking the movie has also beaten Hollywood Shawshank Redemption and not only has beaten it but also has become one of the highest- rated IMDb movie.

Describing about the rating Jai Bhim is the first Tamil Film which has earned 9.6 rating on the website. According to the reports and the speculations done it is seen that Suriya Starrer film has 53,000 votes from the fans and the audience.While Shawshank Redemption has got 24 lakh votes.

Talking about the story Jai Bhim revolves around the actual incidents which has happened in real in some parts of the society.It is a fight of a lawyer who continuously fights for the tribal community.

The film features Suriya who is a lawyer. The story is all about a man who is a thief who is alleged in robbery case. After being arrested the prisoner disappears so his wife gets worried about him and lodges a complain and requests a human rights lawyer to get her out of this situation.

Raghav Lawrence who is a director has plead for building a house for Parvathy Ammal commonly known as Irula woman for the unversed Jai Bhim movie is based on her life and the struggles she faced. Raghav said “I was moved after getting to know about the present-day status of Parvathy Ammal, whose husband Rasakannu was killed for no fault of his 28 years ago.”

Raghav has also shown gratitude for the entire casting crew who worked with him who actually highlighted the situation that had happened 28 years ago. He thanked the Director Gnanavel and Suriya for their dedication and perseverance that they have shown during creating the film against all odds and bringing the story before the audience.


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