Mallika Sherawat opens up about the challenges she faced and expresses her love for Tamil Cinemas

Mallika Sherawat talks about the journey her journey of bollywood here's to what she said.

Mallika Sherawat is a big name and is popularly known as an actress, recently she made a digital debut with the web show, Nakaab and after a long halt she is ready and engertic to face camera lights and work again with all strength and dedication much of perseverance. The actress upcoming projects ate Nagmati which is directed by V.C. Vadivudaiyan.

Talking about her experience in the movie she says “Nagmati is a horror-thriller being made in Tamil and Hindi. I am happy because this is an action film. I have done an action film, Myth, with Jackie Chan, and Dasavatharam with Kamal Haasan. Now, I am doing action again in Nagmati, which is produced by Palanivel. I am also delighted that after doing a web series in Covid times, I am getting a chance to do a film. In Nagmati, I am playing a double role of a warrior queen and a mother.”

Describing about the journey of cinema She said “Many actors don’t get an opportunity to do period films. It feels great that I am being given an opportunity to do a genre like an action thriller. I am doing a lot of action workshops. The challenge was doing action sequences while riding a horse, wearing heavy jewellery and costumes.”

Its been a another ray of hope for Mallika to explore Tamil Cinema She says “I have done Dasavatharam, but nothing after that in the language. So, when I got this offer, which has a strong female character, I couldn’t say no. I don’t know Tamil; I can speak just one or two lines. So, I will be shooting my part in Hind, which will be dubbed later in that language,” she says.

Talking about the film Mallika said “This film is full of surprises. It is not at all predictable like how most films in the horror genre are.” and she has been considerate about her film choices and the roles asserted to her. When we question her why she choosed the particular role or the film she answers it saying “It is good that I do limited work. There is power in saying no. And it is better to do selected roles. I have made a lot of money. You can’t do the same roles repeatedly; you need to reinvent as well. Also one needs to get good roles, which will challenge and inspire you as an actor.”


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