‘Kaamnaa’ - A story of a middle-class couple and their conflicting ideologies

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‘Kaamnaa’ -  A story of a middle-class couple and their conflicting ideologies

The Indian society, strongly believe in ‘jitni lambi chaadar, utne lambe pair’. Simply put, live life according to your capacity. But shouldn’t one aspire to live life king size? Is it possible to strike a sound balance between one’s middle-class values and never-ending desires? Shedding light on the middle-class dichotomy where millions of dreams are confined in the contrast of social hierarchy, Sony Entertainment Television presents Kaamnaa – Hoga Khwaahishon Aur Usoolon Ka Aamna Saamna. Starring Chandni Sharma (Akanksha) and Abhishek Rawat (Manav), the slice of life drama takes the viewers on a journey of a middle-class couple – Manav and Akanksha with different ideologies. Produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment, the show premieres on 15th November and will air every Mon-Fri at 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.


Set against the beautiful backdrop of the City of Lakes - Bhopal, Bajpai family is like every other Indian middle-class family. Manav, a sincere government official and a loving family man who believes in living an honest life based on his principles. On the other hand, Akanksha is a devoted housewife and caring mother. But just like her name, she has big dreams and desires to move and break away from the stereotypical middle-class environment and live a luxurious lifestyle.

Manav and Akanksha’s journey in Kaamnaa - hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna will make everybody ponder on the fact that - Can money buy happiness or is love enough to lead a happy life? What will happen when Akanksha’s aspirations clash with Manav’s principles?

Tune into Kaamnaa - hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna starting 15th November, every Mon-Fri at 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!



Ashish Golwalkar, Head – Content, Sony Entertainment Television & Digital Business
“At Sony Entertainment Television, we always strive to engage the audience with stories that are not just relatable & entertaining but also thought provoking. Kaamnaa is one such show that mirrors the reality of every Indian household especially when it comes to making a choice between one’s middle-class values and aspirations. We are pleased to have collaborated with Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment for this show and are certain that audience will enjoy this refreshing story while also sparking conversations.”

Rajesh Ram Singh - Head, Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment
“Sony Entertainment Television has been a pioneer in bringing forth simple, yet heartfelt concepts depicting the life and struggles of the common man. We are extremely delighted to present our passion project ‘Kaamnaa - that puts the spotlight on the middle-class society where one is constantly faced with conflicting ideologies. Our characters Manav and Akanksha are two faces of the same coin, while one is a man of principles and believes in doing the right thing, the other has high aspirations of living a luxurious lifestyle. Through their journey viewers will get to witness how far can one go to fulfil their dreams. We are delighted with Abhishek Rawat and Chandni Sharma for bringing our characters to life so perfectly. Manav and Akanksha’s story will surely strike the right chord with the audience.”


Abhishek Rawat, essays the character of Manav
‘Kaamnaa’ is a show that will find an audience in everybody because the story and the characters are very real. It is a story of a common man. And that is one reason that drew me towards this show. The beauty of the show lies in the characters who have different ideologies and how they deal with it as a family when put in realistic situations. Portraying Manav has been an utmost joy. I am glad the creators believed in me for bringing Manav’s character to life and I am sure the viewers will instantly form a connect with him. Hope the audience enjoy watching the show.”

Chandni Sharma, essaying the character of Akanksha
“I am very fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to play a character who is outspoken and strong willed, that resonates with the millennials who dare to dream, and believe that there is nothing wrong in wanting a comfortable lifestyle. I understand my character Akanksha’s mindset because we are similar in many ways. Akanksha is a woman who aspires to do a lot more but must let go of it because of her husband’s middle-class values. It’s a story of real people and I am sure that viewers must have also faced this predicament in their own lives at some point. Can’t wait to see what the audience have to say.”

The show premieres on 15th November, and will air every Mon to Fri at 8:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

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