Akasa Sing opens up about her relationship with Pratik, TejRan and her journey

Exclusive: Bigg Boss 15: Akasa Sing opens up about her relationship with Pratik, TejRan and her journey

Post eviction Exclusive interview of Akasa Sing

In the post eviction interview Akasa opens up on some spicy questions.

The popular singer Akasa Sing was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 15. The singer who was locked inside the house has come out after 4 weeks, owing to a lesser amount of votes.

Akasa in a post-eviction interview with us opened up about many interesting things. She voiced her relationship with Pratik Shejapal, talked about other coupled being formed inside the house and her journey.

Akasa described her journey in just three adjectives and highlighted her journey said, “I would describe my journey in three adjectives, Incomplete, proud of and Regretful. The highlight of my journey was When I went to a show of Bigg Boss and stuck around for so long.”

Akasa also talked about her inclination towards Pratik Sehajpal and spoke about their relationship. She added, “Who are those people who say that we are in a relation, I was glad that the whole Prakasa (Amalgamation of Pratik and Akasa) that you know people had started. It was being called a lot of like friendship. It will be the same after he comes out. I’ll hang out with him, bully him. The friendship was extremely strong but it was only and only pure friendship that you saw in the house.”

Akasa also put her opinions on the other two couples in the house and that is Miesha Iyer – Ieshaan Sehgaal and Tejasswi Prakash – Karan Kundrra. She averred “I only have given a hashtag for Mieshaan (Miesha + Ishaan). They are in love. Everybody sees what it is I think I would wanna say it is so fast in the house they were together all the time and they were in a relationship I am trying from outside too to keep them together. Karan is my friend also in real life. Also, I love to make people’s love stories and they both are cute. I will act as a mediator and as a friend too.”

At last, Akasa confronted on how everyone’s reacted when she was evicted. She said, “I don’t know I didn’t judge as it was expected. I had promised myself that I will not break down it was a brave phase of my life. It was decided that nobody will go. It became awkward when Pratik said you won’t go. But I kept my word they had only evicted me.”

What is your take on this side of Akasa?


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