reasons why Adulting S3 has got us all excited

Here are four fantastic reasons why Adulting S3 has got us all excited ahead of its release

reasons why Adulting S3 has got us all excited

Amazon’s free video streaming service miniTV is the bearer of good news once again. After a mini-break of two years, the audience’s favourite duo – the ambitious Ray Madhav and the ever-optimistic Nikhat Rizvi are back with a brand-new season of Adulting, releasing on November 12, 2021. Continuing to bring real and emotional rollercoaster experiences of millennial lives, the latest season promises to take the audience through the unique yet relatable depiction of life in an urban jungle. Here are some moments from the new season which will make you fall in love with Nikhat and Ray all over again!

Ray and Nikhat resume their adulting life after a hiatus of 2 years: Our beloved characters Nikhat and Ray are back after a gap of two full years and they pick up right from exactly where they left it. Embarking on a new journey and unfolding their life with new adventures, troubles, excitement and tension, the two best friends and roommates are all set to bring you another new experience for the viewers.

New Chapter: We know that the girls are starting a new chapter in their lives. The trailer has left us in suspense for we now know that Ray and Nikhat have new things waiting for them that included a job, love interest and so much more. Ray and Nikhat bring things that millennials deal with on a daily basis to all of us on the screen and make it a surreal experience.

Love is in the air: Nikhat finally thinks that she has found her perfect match. There is a spark and connection between the new guy and her. Is he the man of Nikhat’s dreams? Well, we all have to wait to find that out soon.

Fresh Season, Fresh Faces: The new season has some really interesting new faces in Nikhat and Ray’s life. As Ray deals with a new boss in the office and Nikhat unravels her love life, these new and relatable characters are surely adding some drama and spice to these girls’ daily lives! We will just have to wait and watch the twist and turns these personalities bring in the lives of these best friends.

There is so much to find out on this new journey that Nikhat and Ray are all set to start but just hold onto your excitement for a little longer as the two roommates are back on Amazon miniTV on Amazon Shopping App starting November 12, 2021.


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