Mahesh Manjrekar thinks Salman Khan is lonely he wants someone to comfort him

Mahesh Manjrekar feels very bad about Salman Khan's loneliness he wants him to marry someone and have children.

Salman Khan’s marriage has been the subject of most important discussion. Fans still wanna know when will he Marry?Mahesh Manjrekar feels Salman Khan is ‘lonely’ He says everybody has some or the other person to whom they can go back to but whom does Salman Khan have?He says it’s high time that he should marry someone he says he didn’t feels good to see him alone and lonely this way.

Talking about the work both have been worked together in the upcoming film Antim:The Final truth which is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and performed by Salman and Aayush who is the brother in law of Salman.Describing about the movie it is action thrilled and has a lot of suspense in it.Where Aayush is seen as a Gangster and Salman as a cop recently the trailer was released and which got love and affection from the audience.Fans appreciated it and they are desperately waiting for the movie to be released soon.

Discussing about the past life of Salman he was all set to marry Sangeeta Bijlani. But his wedding was called off. They were in relationship for 10 years.They were ready to marry each other but, later Sangeeta Bijlani ended up marrying Mohammed Azharuddin who is a cricket by profession.There are lot of rumours ringling around the dating of Salman with various women’s such as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif out there in the industry.Currently he has been rumoured for dating Lulia Vantur.She also appeared in Aayush’s birthday bash.

In one of the interviews with Siddharth Kannan, Mahesh said, “Sometimes what happens is, there are somethings that I can talk to him which normal guy can’t talk. I always feel, even now I feel and tell him also, ‘Salman, tu shaadi nahi karta uska issue hai mere ko (I have an issue with you not marrying).’ I really want… Tomorrow I want to see Salman’s son. I feel I can actually talk to him about that. Half the time he just brushes me aside but I really feel he needs someone to come back to.”

Mahesh further continued saying “Sometimes I feel there is, in that whole happy exterior he shows na, sometimes I feel he’s lonely. Ek toh na usko kuch shauk nahi hai bahut (He doesn’t have any desires as such). You (addressing Siddharth) must’ve seen where Salman stays (he lives in a flat in Mumbai) which I think is a one-bedroom flat. Half the time when I go (to his) home, he’s lying on the sofa in the drawing-room. Sometimes I really feel that behind this man… itna success hai huge success… Uske peeche jo aadmi hai na wo typical middle class aadmi hai (The man behind the successful facade is a middle-class person).”

“Sometimes I feel he needs someone to come back to because everyone who is with him, his friends, they are all very very good friends. They really love Salman Khan. But wo log wahaan se jaake (When they leave from his side), they go to someone. Whom does Salman go to? (His brothers Arbaaz and Sohail) have their own lives na.”

On the workfront Salman Khan is currently hosting the Bigg Boss season 15, and his upcoming film includes Antim:- The Final Truth and Laal Singh Chaddha.


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