Bigg Boss 15: Shilpa Shetty Makes ‘Shetty Sister’s Supremacy’ Trend As Salman Khan Nitpicks On Shamita!

Shilpa Shetty supports his Sister Shamita for the Weekend ka Vaar incident shares a tweet in support for her feels proud of her.

In the recent weekend ka vaar Salman Khan schooled Shamita Shetty for her ill behaviour towards him. Salman Khan and Shamita get into a heated argument, WhereSalman Khan said she has a queen like attitude in the house,from there the argument started between both of them.After this incident Shilpa extended his support for his dear sister Shamita in one of the tweets she tweeted the incident addressing Shamita “our pride.”

Recently on Sunday In one of the tweets Shilpa shared the weekend ka Vaar’s photo and expressed her support for her dear sister Shamita she wrote “My sister Tunki. Our pride Shamita. #ShamitaShetty #ShamitaIsTheBoss #Biggboss15” The tweet caught the audience’s attention some reacted in a positive way while some in a negative way.One viewer wrote “The way she (Shamita) is behaving with Umar what she thinks of herself… lots of ego and attitude she is having and God knows for what.” Another viewer wrote, “Today I will say Shetty Sisters Supremacy. Our pride Shamid.”

Shamitas Fans reacted to it saying “This is the first time you’ve tweeted for any of Shamita’s trends. It warms my heart seeing that. Please ignore any hate that you may get under this tweet and focus on love and adulation @ShamitaShetty’s fans send in. Thank You!! Our pride Shamita.”

Reflecting upon what actually happened in the weekend ka Vaar episode. Tejasswi asked permission to speak she was ordered by Salman Khan to shut her mouth.Salman called her the ‘rani’ queen of the BB 15 house. Later he said The house has 2 queens, Tejasswi and Shamita.On which Shamita said “Toh mein kya karoon if I’m born like this (What do I do if I am born like this). Let me tell you I do the most amount of work in the house. Really, this is annoying.”

Salman didn’t like Shamitas reply he found her rude he was really offended by it Objectifying he said “Mujhe baat karna ka itna koi shauk nahi hai, mera bas chale to main pura episode silent me nikal du, aaun hi nahi (I have no need to speak. If i could, I’d spend the whole episode in silence and not come at all).”

There’s a lot happening in the Bigg Boss 15. Salman Khan is directing the contestants and pointing out their mistakes in the Weekend ka Vaar. On one side we see the love between Maisha and Ishan while on the other side Karan Kundra showers his love on Tejaswini. They are the new couples in the BB 15 house which are indeed adorable.


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