Salman teaches the rap king Badshah his hook-step on COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’!

“Bigg boss ka yahi hai kamaal har din hota hai ek naya dhamaal!” This Sunday, the Indian rap king Badshah joins the dashing host of Bigg Boss 15 Salman Khan. The two rockstars set the stage on fire as Salman grooves to Badshah’s rap with his (Badshah’s) famous hook-step. The rapper reacts, “Mummy, dekho Salman sir ne mera hook-step kiya!” Salman replies, “Mummy, maine Badshah ka hook-step kiya!” The entire room bursts into laughter! Salman teaches the rapper his famous hook-step from his movie ‘Sultan’s’ track ‘Jag Ghumeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi.’

The fun and entertainment don’t end here! Badshah enters the Bigg Boss house to have an adventure with the contestants. The stylish rapper expresses his curiosity over their relationships and even puts them on a task that will throw a light on their feelings for each other. Karan has to give a heart prop to the person he thinks is the most loving, and without any hesitation, he gives it to Tejasswi. Is he finally admitting his love for her?

However, the task is not all hunky-dory as the contestants also openly express their rivalry. Nishant has to give a mirror to a person who needs it and he hands it over to Karan, saying, “Dheere Dheere inka game samajh mein aa raha hai.” Karan responds, “Mujhe koi farak nahi padta. Thoda dhyaan rakhna Nishant!” Pratik gives a trophy of ‘not having any opinion’ to Ieshaan and taunts his indecisiveness. Meisha gives it back as she gives Pratik a perfume for having the most ‘stinky’ personality. As Badshah watches, a fight between Ieshaan and Pratik breaks out, with the former throwing the trophy at the other.

Amidst all the fun with Badshah, the contestants face tasks that will give them a hard-hitting reality check about their personalities. Salman Khan asks them to decide their trusted aide between Shamita and Tejasswi in times of difficulty. Tejasswi is left embarrassed as almost everyone goes for Shamita, including Karan himself. Only Umar votes for her, citing her ‘fun-loving’ personality. “Mushkil samay mein fun-loving kaise kaam aayega?” Salman asks him. This offends Tejasswi, and she asks the host, “Why are you repeating it so many times?” Salman retorts, “And why are you talking to me like this? Mushkil samay mein if somebody is dying, he should come to you for comedy?”

Kya Salman se ucchi aawaz mein baat karna padega Tejasswi ko bhaari? Watch all the drama unfold tonight on ‘BIGG BOSS’, presented by TRESemmé, powered by Knorr and Dabur Dantrakshak Monday to Friday at 10.30pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9.30pm only on COLORS!


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