Shekhar Suman advises Shah Rukh Khan to be careful with faint-hearted allies post Aryan’s bail: Will rise up out of openings like rodents

Finally the moment arrived for which all were desperately waiting for its none other than the bail grantation of Aryan Khan.According to the reports Aryan will be be released today or on Saturday from Arthur Road Jail. Aryan Khan was in the lock up since 3 of October in the drugs cruise case.

The time since Aryan was arrested the Khan family had a very hard time dealing through it and they faced a lot of controversies.But now they are rejoicing the moment which eventually gave them happiness,As their lovable son is granted bail. As soon as Aryan Khan was granted bail Shekhar Suman said that Shah Rukh and Gauri will be very happy and have calmed down after past few days exertion.Talking about all the mental tortures faced by the Khan family he said they faced a lot without having any fault of theirs.Pointing on the bollywood celebrities he said now they’ll show false sympathy who didn’t support at the time needed.

In one of the tweets Shekhar Suman tweeted, “It is shocking and disgusting just how everyone from the film industry, barring a few exceptions, did not utter a word in support of Shah Rukh Khan. This should be an eye-opener for him. He must realise they are all opportunistic and fair-weather friends here.”

He further wrote, “Now all those ppl from the film industry who went underground and did not support Shahrukh will come out of their holes like rats and will rush to his house with bouquets and show false sympathy now that Aryan has been granted bail. Shahrukh and Gauri must be relieved parents. They went through a lot without any fault of theirs. Congrats on your son being granted bail. I’m sure he has learnt the bitterest lesson of his life and will prove himself worthy.”

He said “Junta hi ordinary logon ko itna bada stars banati hai, phir unhi ko neeche girakar ya girta dekh kar khush hoti hai. Baat kuch samajh mein nahi aayi (The public makes an ordinary person a star and then feels happy after pulling them down or witnessing their fall. I don’t understand this) Perverse pleasure or plain jealousy??? Ponder.”

Shekhar Suman tweeted, “The film industry consists of ordinary people like you and I who come from the same society we live in. They are not some alien species who have descended from some other planet. But because of the tremendous public support they start flying high. They cant handle success.”

Previously Shekhar Suman had extended a helping hand for Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri.He feels gratitude for SRK as he was the one and only actor who hugged him and consoled him on his young son’s death.At the crucial times he had personally helped him by giving him moral support.

Shekhar had tweeted, “My heart goes out to Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. As a parent, I can totally understand what they are going thru. It’s not easy for parents to go thru this kind of torment and ordeal no matter what @iamsrk.”

He had also written, “When I lost my elder son Aayush at age 11 Shahrukh Khan was the only actor who came to me personally while I was shooting at film city, hugged me and conveyed his condolences. I’m extremely pained to know what he must be going throu as a father @iamsrk.”


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