Music video ‘Sonn Pann’ featuring Sara Arfeen Khan
brings a breath of fresh air

We often forget ourselves in being available for everyone else. And when we start realising our worth and walk the aisle of self-love, the feelings become ineffable. However, music always possessed the power to convey overwhelming emotions.

Likewise, the sentiment of self-discovery is beautifully expressed through Sara Arfeen Khan’s recent music video ‘Sonn Pann.’ The song is now finally out. And with its smooth melody and rhythms, it is melting the hearts of every viewer.

The song “Sonn Pann” is shot between the lush green valleys of Kashmir. What else could have justified the idea of self-discovery if not the gushing river, cliffs and the endless sky? Featuring Sara Arfeen Khan, the video is in the soulful voice of Harshdeep Kaur. The song is composed by Hyder Dar and directed by Danish Renzu while the detailed lyrics are given by Sunayana Kachroo.

Incredible singer Sonu Nigam is the narrator of the song, who impeccably play with the words while comparing self-discovery to ecstasy. The song released under the label of Zee Music Company is jointly produced by the director Danish Renzu and the actress Sara Arfeen Khan.

The actress believes that it was because of her relatability to the song that she could play the character pleasingly. Sara Arfeen Khan is not merely a skilled actor but also has great multitasking mastery. She is also a producer, author, entrepreneur and speaker.

Sara Arfeen Khan also has a heart of a traveller as she finds peace in exploring delightful destinations and since her profession gives her this amazing opportunity to be a hodophile, she loves acting too.

Besides all this, the prominent singer Sonu Nigam expressed his gratitude and wished luck to the team “Sonn Pann.” Considering Danish and Sunayana his dear ones, Sonu Nigam was already excited to be the narrator.

As the song is taking over the social media hits, director is very optimistic about it. He also revealed that creating a visual story while synchronizing it with the lyrics was a tough row to hoe. He considers music videos as musical storytelling and now with chartbusters records of the song “Sonn Pann” he is very pleased.

The music video “Sonn Pann” serves its purpose well as after viewing the video you will be moved by the idea of self-love. You may go on a hunt to find your true objective and goals in life.


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