The Story of Ghazipur Flower House, Ups and Downs faced by Ghazipur Market

Ghazipur Mandi which is located in Delhi is the flower house for every occasional/ auspicious event,were, you get varieties of flowers like Rose, lily, mogra, marigold, orchid, chrysanthemum, carnation, glide or tuberose (rajnigandha) this market is famous for it’s wholeselling Rate of flower. Were we get to see many florist buying a bunches of flower for there event like wedding season, festival season, mehndi, Sangeet etc.

The market is known for selling different varieties of fresh flowers all over India and even abroad. But during the pandemic time the market faced a huge loss.Everybody are aware of the reason as to why the market conditions were down Its all because of covid many people lost there job similarly the flower house market (ghazipur) faced many ups and downs.

Due to pandemic situation many weddings got postponed and even if it’s happening only 50 peoples are allowed by government .( omg only 50 people in India wedding what a joke right because Indian wedding could not complete by 100 to 150 people and Baarati and friends circle and all. So many people postponed there wedding and which in turn affected the flower market because the main star of a wedding is flower.

But now as every thing is getting again started so the flower vendors are very happy and they have expressed their happiness they said “Diwali acchi ban rahi hai Isa saal. The worker Dilip kumar share his view for market and say “Diwali ke time par khoob zyada bikri ho rahi hai. Diwali achi ban rahi hai. Idhar koi zyada response nahi hai mahamari ka”. And also updated the situation of covid 19 and said ki Aur yahan sabko teeka (Covid-19 vaccine) lag chuka hai,”.

The president of flower trade center Teg Singh Chaudhary, informed that Market is Covid compliant… and also talks about the rush during mid – November the wedding season and the festival season (Diwali) and made us clear about the charges and fair about the market he said. “The prices depend on demand, and will increase a lot during the weddings. Flowers like orchids get imported, and we have to pay thrice the flight fare for them now (as compared to pre-Covid times). And local flowers like gerbera, carnation, rose, lily, glide, and genda (marigold) will see a price hike of 30-50%. So if the glide flower is being sold for ₹50 per bundle now, it can go up to ₹100 during peak demand.”

The another vendor Pintu made us clear about the issue of quantity which was not related to supply because of the pandemic
Vijay Pratap, a flower seller in the mandi, says, “Why would anyone decorate extensively when just 50 guests are allowed? Aaj ki shaadi 2019 ke sagai function se bhi chhoti hai. Par iss saal market mein paisa lauta hai kyunki ab jo log ruke huye the badi shaadi karne ke liye, uske liye phoolon ki demand aa rahi hai.”

Pratap have kept their hands folded in prayers for the return of the Big Fat Indian Wedding, this season.Were the young girl and old women plucking the petal out of the flower the young girl Sonam indicates the reason behind the plucking the petal of flower she said “Phoolon ki pattiyon se mala banti hain. These are also for weddings, flower showers, and even shraddhanjali to those who have died.”

On the another hand the Reena Roy a florist with her 40 year old shop in Delhi ashok vihar said “Abhi response kum hai. Covid ne grahak kaat diya hai humara.” So,that is the story of ghazipur flower mandi were vendor share their difficulties which they faced and also compares the market status as per pre- pandemic and post pandemic period.


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