Vishal Aditya Singh assaults ex Madhurima Tuli, Nia Sharma calls her ‘man-blender who just gave him trouble’

Ladies Vs Gentlemen season two hosted by Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh where they usually ask the contestants as to what they think on the particular issue and compares them to India’s percentage of thinking. There are two groups accordingly one of Ladies and one of Gentlemen the one’s thought which matches through what India thinks wins the score.

Recently in one of the promo’s it was seen where Vishal Aditya Singh mocked at her ex- girlfriend Madhurima Tuli and their conflict on the sets of Bigg Boss 13. He and Nia discussed upon what atrocities he faced when he was in relationship with Madhurima.

Vishal questioned on the sets how she treated him and talked with him he said “Ek mard point A se point B tak baat karta hai. Ek aurat point A se chhoti A, phir chhoti B, phir badi B aati hai. Yahaan tak baat hoti hai. Kaun baat karta hai aise (A man goes from point A to point B in a conversation. A woman goes from capital A to small A, then small B and then capital B. Who talks like that)?”

Nia wanted to enquire about what actually happened she asked Vishal “Kitne kalesh dekhe tumne apni zindagi mein (How much distress have you seen in life)?” To which he replied saying to it“Mera kalesh Indian television par aaya hai, maalum hai na, aapko (You know that my distress has been shown on Indian television, right)?”

Nia further reveals to the hosts of Ladies Gentleman saying “Itna sataya gaya hai isko (He has been troubled so much).” She added, “He has got a man-beater jisne sirf isko dukh hi dukh diye hai (who only gave him grief).” Vishal said that such women exist, “Aur meri kundali mein waisi mil gayi, sorry (And I am sorry that someone like that was in my destiny).”

On the sets of Khatron ke Khiladi season 11 the incident of Bigg Boss was repeated where Vishal was beaten by Madhurima with a frying pan she in one of her posts reacted to it saying “You are dragging this one incident that happened, just for your TRPs. But you do not care what effect it has on the family of those involved. What happens in their lives, how depressed they are (watching all this), how disturbed they are watching the incident time and again. They want to forget it all.”


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