Shocking Director Prakash Jha and his crew Beaten and Manhandled by Bajrang Dal, know why:

Prakash Jha gets physically attacked by Bajrang dal.

Prakash Jha was doing a Web series along with Bobby Deol named Ashram . In which there is a scene where the head of the Ashram abuses a woman .

Stand up comedian , film makers everybody is nowadays facing the problem of getting attacked by andhabhakts who don’t have any logic and get offended on any thing.

Attacks of people like them are a threat to the freedom of speech of the nation. Such people become a serious problem for the people who are creative and are of the field of arts.

The most important thing is that the people have right to get offended and if they get offended because of something wrong done by creator of the film , they can easily file a complaint in the court and the court will punish them and put them in jail but they don’t do that because they know that the creator of the film has not done anything wrong.

So instead they become like gundas and attack the artist with physical voilence and try to spread terror and fear among common people. The point is that yes , sometimes a creative person can be wrong , for eg prakash jha might be wrong and he might be creating offensive content which is wrong and the people who are getting offended can be right but if people from bajrang dal instead of filing an fir and doing a court case start behaving like gundas and start attacking people then they are wrong.

“In the name of web series , an attempt is being made to deliberately target Hinduism for a long time. Considering the spirit of society, Prakash Jha should consider changing the name of the webseries Ashram ” Narottam Mishra tweeted.

What mishra said is right that if the majority of people are getting offended then prakash should definitely change the name of the webseries but the way bajrang dal attacked his set is wrong .

What are your opinion on this is bajrang dal right for physical abusing someone as if they are the law and order of the country, write in the comment section.


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