Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Here are all the things that you need to know about earlier symptoms of breast cancer!

Breast Cancer awareness month:This month can also attributes to spread the awareness on this diseases. By knowing the Signs and symptoms of this disease.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Here are all the things that you need to know about earlier symptoms of breast cancer!


Breast Cancer awareness Month:

The Month October is known has Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The breast Cancer is now the most common form of the Cancer. Breast Cancer is now more common in women in the younger age, and more women in their thirties and forties.

Breast Cancer awareness month
The October month is observed as Breast Cancer awareness month

This month can also attributes to spread the awareness on this diseases, not only by genetic, but also the lifestyle, environment factor also play a role on it.

Here are some points to be noted!

Spreading the awareness of breast cancer.
Signs and symptoms of the Breast Cancer

What are the warning signs of Breast Cancer?

  • A lump, hard knot or the thickening inside the breast or underarms.
  • Sweeping, redness, or darkening of the breast.
  • A change in the size of the breast, which may noticed.
  • Pain in the breast itself may not be the sign if Cancer, but usually pain in the breast could be the sign of breast cancer.
  • Any changes in the nipple (rash or being inverted or any inflammation) or discharge from the nipple.

Risk from the family history!


Risk of the breast cancer is high for the women if there is a family history. If the women mother or sister have breast cancer or any other members of the family. The risk of the developing the cancer is high and therefore it is important of the women to take care more.

Inherited gene mutations, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase risk of breast cancer. Women who have inherited these genetic changes are a greater risk. The BRCA gene test is a blood test that helps determine if you have mutations in your DNA that increase the risk of breast cancer.

Does stress cause breast cancer?


It is very Important for both the men and women to take care and get fully aware of the breast cancer. It helps us you take a step ahead to increase the chances of diagnosing breast cancer early.

Three way to test the symptoms of the breast cancer!

Self- breast examination:


The Self-breast examination is the best way as it no cost method and can be powerful to detecting the breast cancer earlier. As it is convenient and helps us to understand our body and if get any changes we can get it earlier. A self- breast cancer examination is recommend to all the women above 20. Usually the Self-breast examination takes 15 minutes not more than that and recommend to do it a week after the menstrual cycle.

Clinical breast examination:

A clinical breast exam happens at the doctor's office. A clinical breast exam is recommended annually for those between 20 and 30 years, half yearly for those between 30 and 60 years and annually for those above 60 years.



Mammograms are nothing but low dose x-rays of breast. Mammograms are not perfect because sometimes is possible that someone is diagnosed with cancer which is caught during screening which may not have caused any problems at all.

  • Women between 40 and 44 have the option to start screening with a mammogram every year.
  • Women 45 to 54 should get mammograms every year.
  • Women 55 and older can switch either to an annual mammogram or undergoing mammogram every two years.
  • Screening should continue in a similar pattern as age progresses as long as woman is in good health.
  • Ultrasound is also used as an additional diagnostic tool to diagnose breast cancer.

Many women feel that stress and anxiety caused them to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Because there has been no clear proof of a link between stress and a higher risk of breast cancer, researchers in the United Kingdom conducted a large prospective study on the issue.

Some tweet on the Breast Cancer:

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