Is it Idli Or Vada pav? No it’s a both Idli Vada Pav, See the Netizens reaction on Viral Picture!

Idli Vada Pav picture went viral on the social media. see the internet reactions on it!

The Idli Vada Pav Picture gets viral on the social media and with several Netizens reactions. Have a look on the viral picture!

Various things get viral in the social media everyday. Serval things out the social media whether it on food, technical, sports or even the current change in the world. Everyone uses the social media platform to publish the new things.

Today we are taking about the food, so we know the serval things in the social media with the different fusion of the food, some of them really entertaining.

So today we are presenting you the same fusion of the food. And if you are foodie than it really make you suprise or shock or even makes you excit fir tasting it.

Every one loves idli and vada pav, at least everyone has taste it. But have you taste it or saw the Idli Vada Pav. Yess… You read the right.

The picture of the Idli Vada Pav posted on the social media which obviously went viral by the social media users.

In the picture we saw the two idli placed in the place of Pav and in the middle there is the potato stuffing.

Basically the idli is the South Indian food dish and usually enjoyed with sambhar and chutney. And on the other side the vada which is know for his taste and known as fast food in the Maharashtra which is basically a potato dumplings placed between two Pav.

And just imagine if you just combined this things together how it will taste? One users has experienced such things and named it has Idli Vada Pav. By just replacing the Pav with Idli and stuffing the potato mixture between it, just like vada Pav but it is Idli Vada Pav.

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See the picture:

Idli vada Pav viral picture
Idli vada Pav viral picture

In the picture, it was served with a red chutney and Paniyaram, which is also a popular South Indian snack made using a mould.

The picture went viral after it being posted on media and by the Netizens reactions it went viral.

See the comments:

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