Now the Dubai grabs the attention of the visitors by his Incredible Masterpiece, Have a look on it!

The Dubai Eye is nearly double to the heights of London Eye, Have a look on this Incredible masterpiece of the Dubai!

The Ani-Dubai grabs the attention of the visitors by its observation wheel, which is double weight of London Eye.

The Dubai Eyes is the largest and tallest observation eye.

The Ani-Dubai means Dubai Eye is the largest and tallest observation wheels, which opened in UAE for the public with tickets from October 21.

The tickets are sale online by taking care of the COVID-19 protocol. The Dubai Eye becomes the latest landmark for the visitors to enjoy this largest and record breaking attractions.

The Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared a video on his Instagram account. In the video he is sitting on top of a pod on the gigantic Ferris wheel before this Dubai Eye attraction opened to the public.

See the Instagram Video:

Here are the best things of the Dubai Eye you need to know before visiting it:

Double heights of London Eye:

The Dubai Eye is double heights of London Eye. The London Eye is of 135 metres, and the Dubai Eye will take the visitor to the height of 250 metres. You get the majestic views from the top of the Dubai sky and a perfect picture views to enjoy.

Can accommodate over 1,700 visitors at a time:

The Dubai Eye is consists of 48 capsules in that total 1,750 visitors can accommodate. The Dubai Eye offers you two types of rides. If you want to experience one rotation it it’s about the time 38 minutes. And in the two rotation it takes approximately 76 minutes.

Celebration packages:

The Dubai Eye destination also offers you unique celebration packages. These will also be available for birthdays parties, engagements, weddings and business functions.

Available for Customisable private cabins

The Dubai Eye also offer the private cabins can be customised to cater for all sorts of events from intimate celebrations to cultural festivities to treat VIP guests.

More steel is used in the Dubai Eye than Eiffel Tower:

To Make this Incredible Masterpiece means the Dubai Eye the steel was used over 9000 tonnes which is about 25 percent more steel than the steel uses to build the Eiffel Tower- Claimed by Official Website.

See the tweet here:

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