Adorable!! The keeper catches an elephant trying to scale the wall, gentle giant reacts hilariously! Tap to Watch!

So cute!!! Watch this super adorable elephant and his keeper's viral video and share your thoughts!

So cute!!! Watch this super adorable elephant and his keeper’s viral video and share your thoughts!

The movies showcasing numerous antics of elephants are completely lovable to look at. Case in level, this clip that includes the reactions of a mild big named Enkikwe’s on being caught whereas making an attempt to scale a wall. There is an opportunity that the video won’t solely make you giggle however will even immediate you to say aww – and that too repeatedly.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust took to Instagram to share the video. In the caption, additionally they defined the scenario. “You turn your back for one second… and an elephant has scaled the wall! Enkikwe was clearly determined to see if there was any extra lucerne within the Ithumba compound. When his Keeper, Emmanuel, caught him in the act, he simply tried to evade detection by walking backwards,” they wrote.

However, that’s not all. They additionally wrote a couple of traces to share how the animal was rescued. “This acrobatic little heist is a wonderful indication of how well Enkikwe has recovered. Three years ago, he was attacked by lions. He would have perished from the encounter, had it not been for wild-living orphans Makena, Tumaren, and Rapsu, who intervened and valiantly fought off his attackers. It has been a long road to recovery, but we are so pleased with Enkikwe’s health and mobility today,” they added.

Besides the video, additionally they shared a couple of throwback pictures of the elephant from the time when it was in restoration.

The video, since being shared a day in the past, has gathered greater than 21,000 likes and the numbers are solely growing. The publish has additionally gathered diversified feedback from folks.

“I knew about the lion attack, but I didn’t know that the wild elephants came to fight off the lions!!! That is incredible!!! Elephants are magical. The more I learn, the more I love them!!!” wrote an Instagram consumer.

“Hahahaha, love the way he walks backwards,” posted one other. “Cheeky, but so sweet. I love the pranks,” shared a 3rd.

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