Mumbai local train news: Students are now allow to travel from Suburban Trains From Today, Read more for details!

Mumbai Local Train News: Now the Students are allowed to travel from the local trains. As the colleges are reopening from today.

Mumbai Local train news: As the college are reopening from today for students for physical lectures. So the government decided to allow the students to travel  from the local train.

After a year and half the Maharashtra government have take a decision on the reopening of college. As before the school from 8 to 10 are opened by 50% attendance of the students.

So now the colleges are set to reopen from October 20 the state’s higher and technical education Minister Uday Samant announced it on October 13. Along with this the minister also given some guidelines, the students must be fully vaccinated to attend the physical lectures.

And if the student is nit fully vaccinated the college authority should take this on priority base, still the students can continue to the online and then after vaccination they will allow to attend offline lectures. Apart from this it is compulsory to wear the mask and use of sanitizers in the campus area. The college all the staff including non-teaching staff should be fully vaccinated.

But the main problem was coming of train, which was not allowing the students to travel. So the government has taken a big decision on it, which will surely help to the students to reach you their college.

As the college are reopening from today October 20 for students for physical lectures. So the government decided to allow the students to travel from the local train.

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On the other hand the Western railway also decided to give permission to the students who is below 18 despite not vaccinated. Also the Western railway officials said the students below 18 are also eligible for the Monthly Season Tickets (MST).

Adding to this the officials said those students who are unable to take the vaccine due to some medical issues, they can also eligible for the monthly pass just by showing the medical certificate.

As the people were depending of opening the locals trains for the common people’s. So the Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had announced that the fully Vaccinated people and complete of 14 days after second dose are allowed to travel from the train from August 15. But the students below 18 age where not eligible for the travel.

So, in regards this Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has given permission and even issued guidelines for all Colleges students taking all the the COVID-19 safety protocols.


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