Mahhi Vij responds as Jasmin Bhasin explains subsequent to saying Jay Bhanushali has ‘adversity’ of having spouse like her

Ladies Vs Gentlemen season two hosted by Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh where they usually ask the contestants as to what they think on the particular issue and compares them to India’s percentage of thinking. There are two groups accordingly one of Ladies and one of Gentlemen the one’s thought which matches through what India thinks wins the score.

Recently in one of the promo it was seen where Riteish Deshmukh asked Jasmin Bhasin and Jay Bhanushali what percentage of men think they are better in decision-making roles than women. To which Jasmin Bhasin said it is an ‘ego massage’ for men – ‘woh authority ki maine yeh decision liya hai, yeh sahi hai (they want to assert their authority that they have taken a decision so it must be right)’.

Jay replied to it by saying that half the time women are confused to what to cook at home “Woh bhi pooch ke banati hai, ‘Kya khaoge?’ (They do not even cook without asking us what we want to eat).” Jasmin added that women ask men what they want to eat because they want to avoid ‘nakhre (tantrums)’

Jasmin Bhasin claimed that Jay loves his wife so much that he’s expressing on the sets about his unhappiness regarding the questioning of her wife as to what to cook. “Yeh apni biwi ki frustration iss show pe utaarta hai (He is taking out the frustration he feels because of his wife on this show),” she said. She then addressed him directly, “Teri badkismati hai teri biwi aisi hai (It’s your misfortune that your wife is like this).”To which they indulged in an heated argument targetting his wife Mahi Vij.

After the promo Jasmin cleared that her remark was not serious she was just joking she clarified it through a Twitter posts where she wrote “To the people writing about my remark on Mahi on @FlipkartVideo show, it was a fun and funny remark jo hum mazaak mein bol rahe they (which was said in jest) because Jay and I were in a debate and unfortunately it was a bad edit. I absolutely love Jay and Mahi. Best couple I know and I just love them.”

Mahhi Vij was not affected by the comment of Jasmin she didn’t feel anything about it She even replied to Jasmin saying “Tu meri jaan tu kuch bhi bol sakti hai. Haq hai tera mujhpe tara ki (You are my darling, you can say anything. You have a right on me and Tara).”

Jay and Mahhi got married in 2011.They are parents of two-year-old daughter named Tara,also taking care of Khushi and Rajveer.While on the other side Jasmin and Aly Goni are in relationship.The love blossomed between them in the BiggBoss 14 house and even proposed her for marriage. The show Ladies Vs Gentlemen season two premeired on Flipkart Video on Saturday.Currently Jay Bhanushali is seen as a contestant in BiggBoss season 15.


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