Covid 19 Update: India Makes A Milestone, Finally Free From Corona Virus!? Tap To Know More:

There’s a good news for the netizens and huge achievement for India as India reaches one billion Covid 19 vaccinations milestone this morning. The government pleads 944 million adults from India to get vaccinated as soon as possible because it’s the need of an hour.

As India makes a milestone the Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya appreciates the Prime Minister Narendra Modi through his tweet,In his tweet he wrote “Congratulations India! This is the result of the leadership of our visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

It’s indeed a huge achievement for India. The NITI Ayog Member Dr VK Paul, congratulates the hands working and co-ordinating in an effective manner such as the health care workers and the people which has done the commendable job of granting their services to the netizens and actually taking the idea of getting vaccinated seriously. He said “It’s remarkable to reach the 1 billion dose mark for any nation, an achievement in just over 9 months since the vaccination program started in India.”

Discussing about the current Vaccination status Dr Paul said that still there are many who have not received the first dose he mentions the 25% of adults are still remaining to get vaccinated and 75% of people have actually got vaccinated.He said “Efforts must go forward to vaccinate those who haven’t taken the first dose.”

Everyday vaccine shots have arrived at the midpoint of 5 million this month, a fifth of September’s pinnacle, however states are perched on record loads of in excess of 100 million as the homegrown yield of the AstraZeneca immunization takes off.

The controlling of one billion vaccine dosages – given the obscure and capricious nature of the Covid, the scale and power of the pandemic, and the difficulties encompassing assembling, dispersion, and conveyance – addresses a huge exertion with respect to the public authority. Just a single other nation has regulated over a billion immunization portions – China (crossed 1 billion dosages in June), which is likewise the main other nation which ranks first in aspects of population.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the country on this milestone and said it is” the triumph of Indian science, enterprise and collective spirit of 130 crore Indians”Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh who is the regional director of wHO south-east Asia stated that it is an “extraordinary feat” she appreciated the efforts taken by the various sectors of the society which contributed in the huge achievement she said “strong political leadership, inter-sectoral convergence, dedicated efforts of the entire health & frontline workforce.”

According to the reports the 5 states which are leading at the highest rank in aspects of Vaccination are Uttar Pradesh followed by Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.


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