Donal Bisht Targeted by Bigg Boss 15 Contestants Donal reveals

There’s a lot happening in the Bigg Boss 15. Salman Khan is directing the contestants and pointing out their mistakes in the Weekend ka Vaar. On Tuesday October 19 Bigg Boss evicted Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya. He also punished the housemates for breaking the rules of the game.The contestants only decided the two names for the eviction.It shocked everyone as they were eliminated.

In one of the interviews Donal Bisht was asked what she thinks about her eviction was it unfair? To which she replied “It was completely unfair because they had been targeting me in the house from Day 1. Not a single person was with me because there are very few leaders and most of them are followers. If someone said something, they felt that if they don’t follow them they will get them out of the house. I was the only one who was taking a stand. I said what I felt like. And the people who are trying to be the leaders didn’t like it. They didn’t like me having an opinion.”

She further added, “It was their game plan to not talk to me and sideline me. This has never happened to me in real life. I am the sweetest person with a good heart, which everybody knows. And people saw this in the outside world. People want me back in the house. They are calling me a lone warrior and are saying we stand by Donal. I think I won.”

Talking about the person responsible for her eviction she said “Vishal (Kotian), Tejasswi (Prakash), Karan ne bhi mera naam liya and I was shocked because Karan knew I used to actively participate in tasks. Jay, Tejasswi and Vishal were mainly responsible. Vishal is a mastermind and he is very toxic. I believe a leader should be positive. A person with this kind of toxic mind should not be a leader. Neither I nor Afsana was a follower. That’s the reason they had a problem with both of us. And rest of them – Miesha, Eishaan, Vidhi, Akasa, Simba, are all followers. This was the right time for them to get me out. The public is supporting me, Akasa and Simba were the ones who weren’t doing anything.”

According to her the first person who should be evicted from the house instead of her was she said “Who should leave and who should stay, I don’t want to say it. But, when Salman asked on Weekend Ka Vaar about the weakest player, most of them named me. But even Salman said that there are other three people who are weaker. Farah said the same. She asked, ‘Why does the whole house target Donal?’ It was because they had a game plan that they won’t let me make a base and get people’s love.”

Donal said”Vikas knows the game. He has played the game himself. And now he is watching as an audience and he can see how I was playing. He is saying this and in fact, the viewers are also saying this. And, they are right. I am thankful that Vikas took my side. The housemates had the fear that I was gradually outshining everyone. Unke haath mein tha iss liye mujhe nikaal diya kyunki unhe pata tha ki audience toh nahi nikalegi.”

Donal wishes to return as a wild card contestant she says on her returning back “Definitely I would like to go back. I had just started the third week in the house, and I was eliminated. Even Nishant had said ‘she would have done wonders if she would have stayed here.’ Even Afsana said that. Now that I have an understanding of the game, if I go back I will shine more.”

Discusing about the relationship of Miesha Iyer and Eishaan Sehgaal according to her she said “Even inside everyone was saying that no one falls in love in three days. I feel more than Bigg Boss this is Splitsvilla going on. Unko farak nahi padta hai, I had spoken to Eishaan. Me being an actor, it affects me because I have to do more work. For them, any publicity is good publicity. It’s their choice. I am no one to tell they are doing right or wrong. Aapke paas jitna talent hoga utna dikha paoge. Akasa and Pratik also try to bring a love angle. When you don’t have anything else to offer you do these things.”

According to Donal Karan is a strong player she said”I feel Karan is good because I feel he has a good heart. He understands. He made sure I gave my 100 per cent in tasks. He used to get me involved in activities. He is the fairest of all.”Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss 15 to get the recent updates on Colors TV 9:30.


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