Goa News: The India Got its First Ever Museum which is dedicated to Alcohol opens in Goa; Read to know more!

India gots his First museum which is totally based on alcohol, shows the history and equipment used in 1990s.

India’s first ever museum which is dedicated totally to alcohol. If you want to know all about the alcohol, this museum is the best place place to visit.

The First ever museum which is dedicated to alcohol in goa (panji). The museum is”All about Alcohol” Which is set by the businessman Nandan Kudchadkar. The Museum owner Nandan Kudchadkar also said that the gallery has been set up to showcase Goa’s legacy of brewing feni and not to promote the habit of liquor consumption.

The museum is full of artfacts which includes large traditional glass vats where the local cashew based alcohol used to store.

Displayed with the aim of promoting the art of brewing the cashew-made liquor in Goa. In the museum Houses you can able to see the bottles which is dating back to 1990s, also glassware which were used to serve the drinks, old wooden dispensers and measuring equipment.

As the owner, entrepreneur Nandan Kudchadkar said that it is first Museum dedicated to Alcohol and tell the history of brewing alcohol. So he said it’s “All about Alcohol, but this museum is not for brewing of alcohol. He also asserts that the museum’s aim is not in any way to promote liquor consumption

The museum of alcohol:

All About Alcohol’ museum provides a glimpse into the past and present of the state’s famous brew ‘feni’, made out of cashew apples. This museum is Built over 1,300 sq ft area on a busy lane connecting the tourism hub of Sinquerim and Candolim in North Goa’s beach belt, about 10 km from Panaji.

Inside there are four rooms in the museum with various old muds pots, this equipment were used to measure the drink from the 16 century.

This is an antique wooden shot dispenser, a ‘garv’ (scale) used to measure the potency of feni and a rare crystal Australian beer glass sourced from Russia.

The museum also have the cellar where the bottles of cashew and coconut feni dating back in 1990s is lined up.

The museum is not for promoting the drinking habits:

“We don’t promote the habit of drinking, but we support responsible drinking,” Kudchadkar said.

The museum is based on alcohol and that’s why displayed various antique things which is dating back of 1990s, and the equipment used to make the feni is the old days.

Kudchadkar said- “I used to be pained looking at the way people were discarding the antiques. I started collecting them. Initially, they used to make fun of me by calling me a scrap dealer, but I kept on collecting the antiques.”

There are four rooms in the museum, out of one is for items related to Goa’s culinary culture, including old stoves, spoons, mortar-and-pestles, grinders and graters. He also display the collection of petromax lanterns, which were used to illuminate taverns during the Portuguese era.

The businessman says the museum is not a profit-making venture for him, but “a tribute to my motherland.”

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