Bigg Boss 15: Top 5 Boring And Entertaining Contestants in Bigg Boss 15, Our Take

These are the top 5 boring and entertaining contestants in Bigg Boss 15

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Top 5 Boring And Entertaining Contestants in Bigg Boss 15


Girls need to buck up their game as there are 3 girls in the boring contestant list.

This season of Bigg Boss is totally entertaining. There is all type of emotions love, hate, sadness, and contestants make it spicier with their extra drama. The season is truly over the top. But amongst the 14 contestants, some are full of entertainment but some of them are like drained batteries. Some are doing extremely well on the show while some of them need to buck up.

Here we are giving our take on the 5 most entertaining contestants and 5 most boring ones.


Top 5 entertaining contestants of Bigg Boss 15 house

Tejasswi Prakash

The talented diva of the television Tejasswi bags the tag of the most entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 15. Tejasswi adds her flavor to everything and makes it more entertaining. She is a very innocent yet powerful contestant of the house.


Vishal Kotian

Vishal's reports of Bigg Boss 15 days and his good morning wishes start and end the day. Vishal has his own style and he is also excellent at mind games.

Nishant Bhat


He is the only contestant from Bigg Boss OTT that appeared in Bigg Boss 15 who is a complete package of entertainment.

Karan Kundrra

The mastermind of Bigg Boss 15 has all the qualities and that's why he is the top 1 contestant of the show. Karan has a strong mind yet a very entertaining side.


Afsana Khan

The Punjabi singer has created a lot of havoc in the house of Bigg Boss 15. She went off the track and made it dirtier but she has another side also which is so entertaining and jolly. Sometimes she becomes irritating but no one can deny that she also makes people laugh.

Top 5 boring contestants of Bigg Boss 15


Vidhi Pandya

Vidhi gets lost in the house. She has not yet created her aura. She is just looking like a sidekick. Vidhi seriously needs to buck up her game.

Akasa Sing


The talented singer is still away from making her image. When she entered everyone has expectations from her as she is a renowned singer but she is not giving the best of her.

Donal Bisht

The television actress is being targeted because she has not started her game yet and it is high time for her to do something. Donal has caliber but people are sidelining her and she is not getting mixed up with everyone. It will interesting to watch her giving everyone back.

Simba Nagpal

The cutest boy of Bigg Boss 15 is only seen either sleeping, gyming or eating. Simba has not even started keeping her points and is just going with the flow.

Ieshaan Sehgaal

Ieshaan does the task there also he doesn't use his brain but when it comes to entertainment he doesn't do anything. He can be just seen roaming around his girlfriend Miesha.

So, these are our top entertaining and boring contestants of the house. Tell us who will you give the tag of entertaining and boring in the house.

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