Air Fares: Charge Three Times Higher then Pre-Covid for Indian Student from US, UK; Read to get more details!

The Indian Students who are studying in aboard facing the problem to reach their homes for the winter vacation and force to pay the Air Fare three times the Pre-Covid fares.

The Indian Students who are studying in aboard facing the problem and force to pay the Air Fare three times the Pre-Covid fares.

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The Indian Students studying in aboard are bearing the travel restrictions imposed by India on Schedule International airline flights.

The latest news has emerged in the form of higher airfares for the people who are returning to India during the year-end (Winter Holidays).

Parent says that due to the high demand and low supply. So the return fare for the people travel to India from countries such as US, UK and Canada are currently priced three times high than the pre-Covid fares.

Students coming from the US West Coast gets worst hit:

Students from US West Coast gets Worst Hit

According to the travel agent- “Due to the closure of Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok to Indian travelers this year-end, so the student from the US West Coast will have no choice but to travel via Europe and the Middle East, There is no option left.”

San-Francisco to Delhi Flights Fares:

San-Francisco to Delhi Flights Fares

Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok are closed for Indian passengers, on Saturday, the return way for mid-December to early-January is from San-Francisco-Delhi Non-stop Flights and the fares offered by Air India began at Rs 2.3 lakh. Also there are two cheapest way, first is from San-Francisco- Mumbai and the return flight fares starts with Rs 2.2 lakh via Delhi. And the second way, would take 25 hours of travel is from via Dubai, which had airfare of Rs. 1.9 lakh.

NewYork to Mumbai Flights Air Fares:

NewYork to Mumbai Air Fares

Other fares are also expensive. The cheapest available round air fare on the New York-Mumbai route starts at Rs 1.6 lakh and includes Dubai Transit and a 23-hour journey both ways. The cheapest fare for a non-stop return flight from New York to Delhi starts at Rs 1.7 lakh. For Boston-Mumbai round trip, fares start at Rs 1.7 lakh, while Chicago-Mumbai via Dubai was the cheapest option with fares at Rs 1.94 lakh.

London- Mumbai Non-Stop Flights Fares:

London-Mumbai Non-Stop Flights Fares

Cheapest return airfare on London-Mumbai non-stop starting at Rs 1.44 Lakh for Air India flights. The cheap fare of Rs 1.15 lakh includes Dubai Transit. Delhi has better non-stop connectivity, with Toronto-Delhi non-stop return flight fares at Rs 2 lakh and Chicago-Delhi non-stop return airfare at Rs 1.8 lakh.


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